Houses For Sale In Ypenburg, a new urbanist environment

Ypenburg is situated near The Hague, The Netherlands. The aim of Ypenburg is to create a new community that will learn from processes and behaviours in the past that have not shown merit. Existing patterns of urban development can harm our quality of life. They include: more air pollution resulting from our increased dependence on automobiles, the loss of open space, the need for costly improvements to roads and public services, and even the loss of a sense of community. By looking upon the worst from the past, we grew a community that will more successfully serve the needs of those who live and work within it. Ypenburg is a balanced and controlled commmunity, and problems and accidents that were frequently happening in the past will decrease.

Why Should You Live in Ypenburg ?

Houses have aclose and easy access to all essentials to your daily life- housing, shops, work places, schools, parks and civic facilities- everything is in walking or biking distance, and pedestrian and cycling paths are present. They contribute to a system of fully connected and interesting routes to all destinations. This makes sure your everyday areas are not being separated, and you won't have to drive everywhere, This is also beneficial bacause the environment will be cleaning, creating an overall better space.

The area is safe with many public spaces where the attention and presence of people is encouraged at all times. The community also contains a diversity of houses to enable citizens from a wide range of economic levels and age groups don't live within boundaries. This increases international mindedness between different lifestyles and cultures.

Public transport is present throughout the day; they include buses, trains, metros and taxis. Each bus stop is packed with nearby entertainment and recreation areas. This benefits you because if you are using public transport, you won't have to walk for another 5 minutes to get to your destination. Also, protected agricultural greenbelts and wildlife corridors are common in the area, to make sure the domain is as eco-friendly as possible, while also giving residents the best living space. By doing this, there is always a place that isn't developed building wise, and there is always a place for a gush of fresh air. Water and heating systems are sourced with renewable energy to contribute to the energy effecciency of the community.

A selection of job types and schooling are available for different age groups, to make sure everybody could live closely to their work space and school.

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