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First, a little data . . .

Percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the past month has increased steadily since 2013

Note: Edison's survey is conducted in January and February of each year. Source: Edison Research. "State of the News Media 2016" PEW RESEARCH CENTER

Listening to Podcasts in the Classroom

Do podcasts help students learn?

In 2010, George Washington University published a study on the subject and here's the conclusion:

And in 2016, English teacher Michael Godsey wrote this story for the Atlantic:

About the Lesson Sets

With the help of an NEH grant, BackStory created 15 shows around three themes: Americans in the Public Square, American Believers and Americans at Work. NCHE created lesson sets for each show.

Islam & The U.S.

Step 2: “What Did the Founders Say?” The various ways to spell and refer to Islam and other non-Christian religions.

Step 3: What plans did Benjamin Franklin have for the use of the meetinghouse he arranged to be built in Philadelphia?

What attitude does John Adams show toward Hindu beliefs? Are those beliefs in opposition to his beliefs? What does he see to be common among the various religions? In what way does Adams think these religions differ from the beliefs he shares with Jefferson?

Jefferson does not speak specifically about non-Christian religions, but we do know that he owned a copy of the Quran. With this information and the statements you read, what would you expect Jefferson’s attitudes toward the practice of non-Christian religions to be?

What does President Washington believe is the responsibility of all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs?

Micah 4:4 (KJV) says:

“But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and no one shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the Lord of hosts hath spoken it.”

Identify similar words in Washington’s letter. Why do you think he chose to use these words, similar to those from a book of the Old Testament of the Bible, in his letter? What does the use of these words tell you about President Washington?

Step 5: Distribute the writing assignment outlined in Handout 1.

BackStory's New Website and Educator Hub

BackStory's new home page will have new episodes front and center.

Individual episode pages will bring assets and resources forward when available. When lesson sets are available, a button will appear next to "Segments" and "Transcript."

Filtering will become more intuitive.

BackStory will make finding topics easier by narrowing the number of criteria and begin identifying periods using Gilder Lehrman's "History by Era."

Crowdsourcing additional resources: BackStory's including an option for teachers to upload their own lesson plans/sets as well as identify which standards are being met.

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