The Day I Slipped on a Banana Peel Created by Alex C

When I was three I slipped on a banana peel, fell down the stairs, and bumped my head.

Me falling down stairs!
Silly banana!

No, I did not see it before I slipped on it.

Imagine me falling down the stairs at a fast pace!
My mum!
This is my ice pack
My beautiful farm house with no one in it
This is our shocked newsman
Just in case you forgot, this is my newsman


Created with images by RyC - Behind The Lens - "Banana Bane!!!" • dpstyles™ - "Just got a text from @Chelsa: I just fell down the stairs. Please help. #kidding" • sampsyo - "Critical banana" • pin add - "Bananas" • maveric2003 - "Angry man" • stevendepolo - "Children Running Down Stairs at Sschool Grand Rapids Montessori GRPS" • Ozzy Delaney - "Asian Lady" • bradleyeldridge - "Polar Bear Ice Pack" • USFWS Headquarters - "Cheatgrass on fire" • cambodia4kidsorg - "Our House is A Very, Very Fine House" • Mojpe - "man snow snowing" • snowpeak - "Lightning" • Mojpe - "man snow snowing" • Hans - "fir firs trees" • Phil Roeder - "Packers vs Jets" • loufre - "application cover letter curriculum vitae" • johnomason - "Freedom Tower"

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