Black & White holes The exact opposite of black holes

White and Black Holes: What's the Difference?

  • Complete Opposites
  • Black holes allow anything to go in and nothing come out
  • White holes allow nothing to come in and everything to come out

In Specific: What are White holes?

As said before, nothing comes in,but everything comes out
  • Not much is known about white holes, some believe they don't even exist.
  • There are lot's of theories, some even saying white wholes are what lie at the end of wormholes, which is why you can't go back through one.
  • People also don't know what would happen if a white holes and black hole collided.
  • Some assume they are formed in a similar way as black holes, involving a stars death so big that we have never seen before.

Black Holes

Black holes suck everything in, allowing nothing to escape
  • Black holes are known as beings of destruction, but they don't move
  • Formed when super massive stars blow up
  • If a star is not big enough, it instead forms a supernova.
  • People have discovered sound going through black holes, which means it might be possible to escape
  • There is a black hole in the center of every galaxy.

The Big Mystery: Collisions

  • Weirdly, no one has any clue what would happen if they were to collide since we have never seen white holes and the fact that a lot of scientists believe they don't exist.
  • Some believe the black hole would consume the white hole, but the white hole would not be affected since nothing can enter it.

In the End...

Dow white holes exist? We still don't know yet. They are a theory and are still trying to be discovered today. However, some people are still researching them despite there being no evidence for their existence, even though it could fruitless and there efforts not bring anything forth.

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