Sarah's Number the Stars Book Diary


When i think of war I think of the smoke and dirt. When your out on the battle filed you smell a ton of dirt and a lot of smoke.

People feel like you had to stay safe and alert. They are all scared and petrified yet they work toghther


My neighbors all never wanted to talk or be friendly. If there was war going on then my neighbors me and my family would go yo one of my neighbor's house.

Number the Stars

I think Number the Stars is about someone going to war. They most likely loses their family and has to leave everyone they love.

Literary Analsis

Mama says, ''Be one of many''. I think this means be a part of the crowd and to not let anyone remember your face. She says this to tell Annemarie to stay away from the guards on that street corner. She wants her to stay safe and protected and the way to do that is to keep away from the guards on the street corner. I think she is the only thing that her mother has left and she would protect her daughters with her life!

"Well; Annemarie said slowly. "now i think that all of Denmark must be a bodyguard for the Jews, as well' (25) If Denmark was a body guard to the Jews it would look like them protecting every one in that you know is a Jew. This would be like protecting your race and everyone there that is like that.

In chapter 3 she feels brave and like she needs to give her life for the people she loves or cars about.

I think she feels scared but like she did in the 3rd chapter. She is willing to give her life for Ellen and her entire family for that matter.

This can be a symbol for loyalty and sacrfice. She would have got herself killed just to save Ellen or her family or even a stranger. She would never let the soliders take Ellen or any Jewish person.


Therefor i predict that in Chapter 4 that Annemarie will be left alone in the house and German solders

Therefor I predict in chapter 10 Ellen will be taken back by her parents. She'll have to go with them to a saver

We just read that mamma just broke her ankle and is calling the doctor. Mr. Rosen forgot the packet that Peter gave him and Anniemarie is on the way to the boat to give him the packet hidden under food but, four soldiers came with their dogs snarling at her. Therefore I predict that the soldiers will ask where she is going and she will have to act like a dumb girl and say she's taking it to her uncle on the boat. I do think they'll ask what's in the basket ad they’ll check what’s in the basket. I also think they’ll get word from the Rosens that they are okay in Sweden.


Man vs Self

I think that the best example of man vs self is when the soliders come to invade and search through the house and Annemarie quickly pulls Ellen's necklace braking it but hiding her from the soldiers. Annemarie could have sent her friend with the Germans but, she decided to keep Ellen safe and sound in the room.

I believe she learned that being brave means saving anyone in the face of danger or keeping her secret in this case. The entire family baned togther just to save the life of theire friend.

I know its man vs self because she has to quickly think and make a choice to turn her in and be free or to live with the fact that she got her best friend in prison or even killed.

Man vs Man

The best example of man vs man is when Annemarie wants to leave withe Ellen and her mother but her mom tells her to stay there with her sister. Annemarie and Ellen are super close and they live together for a short while and this might be the last time she sees Ellen alive at least I would want to go to.

I think she learns pick and choose your battles. She argues with her mom a little bit but loses the argue and stays with her sister.

I know this is man vs man when she lightly argues with her mother, loses, and stays with her sister until morning.

Man vs Society

This entier book is riddled with man vs socity but the best example is Germany taking over Copenhagen and taking sugar and other things from Copenhagen. All of the people in Copenhagen are left with mere scarps to live off of

This teaches all of Copenhagen to be people who arnt afraid when a overpowered person comes through their town and try to rule them the'll be stronger than ever.

This example is man vs socity because all the people of Copenhagen are banned together with one goal to protect the Jews of Copenhagen. Annemarie, mama, and henrecik all helped even though it meant that they might get catuerd and sent aced to death.

Man vs Nature

This books best man vs nature segment is when "Aunt Birdie" dies. She turns out to be fake and all but it's a natural phenomena when some one dies its a part of nature.

Annemarie learns that its better to know a lot less. She dosn't know



In this book are many examples of friendship. The best is when they let Ellen stay with them in tell Annemarie and her family can get them safely to Sweden. The first time come to take Ellen, Annemarie is the one who brakes her necklace and saves her skin. In the end Ellen and her family get on a boat to Sweden, and Annemarie really want to go with them and say her goodbyes to Ellen. Yet her mom knows the path better and she says her goodbyes there with Ellen.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and stocky

"She was a stocky ten- year old, unlike lanky Annemarie (1)

Based on the sentance, lanky and stock have opposite meanings. i also know they are body types. because of the desciption of the race. Ellen was a heavy built ten-year old and Anniemarie is thin and tall.

lanky means tall and skinny. stocky means heavy built.


"wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening.

Based on the sentence, this phrase tells how kirsti is feeling by the words left behind. she yells this at the girls and the girls don't listen that would make me pretty angry.

wailed means to give a cry of pain, grief, or anger.


Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt.

This tells she is a little angry with his poor Danish. She disaproved of him being there for three years and still didn't know Danish. That would make me very mad and upset with all the Soldiers

Contempt means a feeling of disapproval or disgust.


Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister, always made her sad. (13)

This means her sister was always serious and thinking of her makes Annemarie sad. She still loved her after she died just her serious nature of anyone makes Annemarie Lise.

Solemn means serious.


Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message.

Kirsti is stubborn and will not listen to her sister so, she hoped Kirsti will listen to her about the soldier and not telling him what to do yet she didn't listen and she told him what to do.

obstinate means to be stubborn.


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