Sweet Abundance A 90 Day Program turing routine into ritual

Expedite your healing process with the support of the Plant Kingdom via essential oils!

You will shift more quickly, heal more deeply and pivot into new ways of thinking and being with more ease. I have seen the magic that these oils provide over and over. And I have experienced it first hand. I am passionate about easing the resistance to living in abundance. Body, mind and soul abundance!!

Maybe you have heard about the empowering abilities of doTERRA essential oils. But don't know where to start? Or possibly, you are wanting to deepen your relationship with these precious oils that you already have and would like a guide?

I have over 7 years experience on using essential oils for upleveling my health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing with joy, success and expansion that I didn't even know was possible. I'd like to show you how!

Here is how it works :

Step 1: Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me! We will go over your goals and intentions for the program. I will answer any questions and see if this is a good fit for you. If yes, I will get you started with using these high frequency doTERRA essential oils and introduce you to the plant allies waiting to love on you, right away.

Step 2: You will receive protocols to start your journey to Sweet Abundance, pivoting from routine to more ritual. I will provide morning, afternoon and evening protocols with affirmations and other suggestions to support your goals and intentions. We will schedule your 4 wellness coaching calls and 3 healing sessions. Each month you will have two sessions - one Spirit & Oils Wellness Call (45 mins Value $85) and one Soul Session (90 minutes value $185). These can be done in person or virtually. They work in tandem to integrate the changes you want to see.

Step 3: I work with the plants in an intuitive way. Through this Sweet Abundance program you will get 1:1 sessions with me. I will support and guide you through these 90 days, helping your see that the plants can support you in many ways - these oils are beyond aromatherapy. They work to transform you on a cellular level. They raise their frequency and I so will I as I clear and remove any energies that keep you down. At the same time claiming all your soul pieces, your radiant vitality and your divine self.

Each month you will receive these two sessions with me:

30 Minute Spirit & Oils sesssion - In which I tap in intuitively and listen for essential oils that step forward to work with you. These daily practices may change or be built upon during your three months with me. You will learn to work with these plants and how they support you in a more personal way. I often add in exercises, applications and other homeplay that support growing your positive body, mind and soul.

60 minute energy Soul Session In this time together we will work on that invisible yet very real aspect wellness and wholeness. I use core Shamanic modalities, like rattling, calling to the Angels, drumming, and telling the healing story. What I do not do is fortune telling or telling you what choices you need to make. I do, work with your energy, bringing in your more of your divine essences so that you feel whole and connected which I believe allows you to make clear and powerful choices in your life.

Each session you will receive a recording of the session and google document of your personalized protocols sent to your inbox.

It has been too long that the plants have been outside the home. They are knocking, invite them in.

Program Bonuses!

(Aka, the free stuff!)

Get :

My Spiritual First Aid Kit, free. ($25)

My Daily Use of Oils Wellness Workbook, free. ($25)

My Empowered You Video Series, free. ($79)

You will be added to the Spirit & Oils Facebook group.

Receive my monthly newsletter.

Program pricing $499

Or 3 instalments of $177

Open the door to Sweet Abundance, by Living Ritual Daily!

Book Your Initial Session Today!

I believe that everyone is capable of healing. If you are willing, there is a way. - Amber Jane

About Me :

I work with the unseen energies of the Universe and closely with the unseen energies of the plant kingdom. Actually they chose me and I said yes. Maybe because I have been talking to them all my life, they decided to join the conversation and step in as my teachers. They amplify my ability to bring deep healing to places in you that may have never seen the light. We work together to transmit the frequencies of wellness, wholeness, love and possibility. My life studies have given me great understanding of the dynamic qualities of the plants and how they can work with you in a very personal way.

If you have not heard, I am highly intuitive when it comes to the plants. In fact they "speak" to me. They say tap me on the shoulder and let me know they are here to help you. I believe in them, I trust them and I listen. I have been raised with herbs and used natural solutions my entire life. I'm so impressed with these oils. I met them 7 years ago and fell in love. I have been studying wellness, nutrition, how the body heals, how the mind works and spiritual uses of the essential oils ever since. I am currently in a bachelors program for 21st. Century Energy Medicine and Core Shamanism, with LightSong.

By saying YES, you are taking care of your Precious Spirit, so that you can expand your capacity to give and receive on a bigger level. I thank you for trusting me. I'm excited and honored to work with you in this way.

Light Filled Testimonies

"AmberJane is a gifted healer! AmberJane cleared set and held a sacred, safe and healing space for our three-day event. I was particularly thankful for the support she offered me as a speaker and am very grateful for her wisdom, depth and kindness. I highly recommend her services and events." - Aisha Harely

"Amber Jane is a grounded, wise healer who is dedicated to bringing healing to those around her. I appreciate her integrity to her spiritual practices and the beauty she brings into everything she does! I love, love, love her custom oil blends made with intention and purpose. There are a few I wear regularly and drink them in, they are so divine! I love everything Amber Jane is doing to bring plant medicines, ritual and healing into our world." - Briana Cerezo

"Amber Jane is incredible - truly a modern day medicine woman! Whether you simply dip your toes in her presence by attending one of her Ritual on the new moon circles - or if you go all in and experience an energy healing session...you will be so glad that you did! She’s one of a kind." - Rachel O'Rourke

Amber Jane Arquette

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