1920's kitchen By Ēcō

In The Beginning

The old floor

Not much room.

Facing challenges like......

The electrical octopus.

Where'd that come from?

Uneven ceilings

Very tight clearances.

Things start coming together for this small kitchen to make it look big & become more functional.👍👍

We removed the plaster ceiling and replaced with new drywall to give it a crisp look.

Skimming all the plaster walls was a lot of work.

❤️Love the color the homeowner chose.❤️

Yes, that door casing needs white paint.

Then The, Made In USA 🇺🇸 Cabinets Arrive

💯 Plywood construction💪

We were able to give the homeowner more counter space by installing a new over-the-range Microwave

Adding A build in dishwasher that freed up floor space.

The Home Stretch

Finishing Touches

We utilized this upper cabinet in front of this Chase for added storage space & adding counter space.

We used upper cabinets in this tight space for added pantry storage and a place to kick your shoes off under them.

A new pantry built around the fridge.

Kitchens by



This job had a lot of challenges but size of this kitchen is probably the most challenging aspect. The owner had to use a portable dishwasher that took up quite a bit of floor space. We were able to install a built-in freeing up valuable floor space. By redesigning this 1920's kitchen we were able to triple the storage and add much more functional counter space. We added a metal pan backsplash that was picked out by the owner to give it a 1920's signature look. The homeowner was such a blessing to work with. We kept telling her that we wanted to take her to our next job.

Created By
Roy Garner

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