september 2017

Volume 2, Number 9

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

If you can see it, you can shoot it ― Ted Grant

state of the union

Drema Swader

I love the image which is going viral on the internet right now of the mountain climber in front of the eclipse at totality. In watching the video of the making of this image, there was a moment that struck me--which I found familiar...

During the moment of capture Michael Shainblum, one of the photographers, while looking through his camera and shooting in the darkness, knew he was getting the shot, and uttered a quick "Wow, wow, wow!"

How many of you have experienced that moment?

You plan for a shoot, you organize the trip, and you make the arrangements. You get the gear, and you check that everything is in place. You hope everything will come together but you know it is a long shot. You set up. Then you anxiously wait for the moment.

It might be an amazing sunrise or sunset You hope for the clouds to align perfectly. Or perhaps it is a concert where you happen to be at just the right spot, have the perfect angle, and suddenly the perfect light shines down on the performer. And you capture what no one else can see.

Perhaps you have traveled across the world for a wildlife shoot. You set up your camera in a prime location, and an animal stops right in front of you. It seems to be posing just for you. You find yourself in the right place at the right time, with perfect backlighting.

You are there, you are getting the photograph, and everything is coming together just as you had hoped. You know you have nailed the shot. You know you are capturing a special moment. And all you can really say is, "Wow, wow, wow!"

At such a moment, there really isn't much else one can say. I have experienced this. I also said, "Wow, wow, wow!" And it has kept me inspired to continue searching for the next "Wow" moment...



August was a three-Wednesday month so we brought in some heavy-hitting instructors to talk about exciting techniques and technologies. We also held a Weekend Workshop that turned the Photographic Arts Building into a world-class learning center.

Darkroomers August Weekend Workshop was the final workshop in the Darkroomers Weekend Workshop Series for the year so we saved the best for last!

Local Photoshop Master, Larry Vogel, crafted a masking workshop specifically for Darkroomers and those in attendance were enlightened and astounded. Hopefully Larry will be back next year for another amazing workshop!


August kicked off a series of Lightroom learning lessons which started with a Saturday workshop by Nick Angelidas. His well groomed presentation was a joint venture with Poly Photo and served as a primer for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of Lightroom. Nick covered the gamut of what you can do with Lightroom from organization to file naming and geotagging. He covered various parts of the user experience and gave us a quick overview of the Develop and Print modules.

Darkroomers ended the month of August with a Lightroom Mobile presentation by local UCSD professor, Theresa Jackson, that will certainly give rise to Apple and Adobe's stock price. We hope.



We continue our Lightroom Lecture Series with even more Lightroom this fall. If you love Lightroom, or just like it a little, we have a lesson plan that is sure to boost your knowledge and excitement. It will definitely boost your knowledge but you should seriously bring your own excitement.

If you print your own stuff, and we're guessing you do since you are a Darkroomer, then September 6th will be a meeting you will not want to miss. Resident Lightroom expert, Jeff Booher, will be focusing on Lightroom's Print Module and talking about profiles, profiling, the print dialog, relative versus perceptual intents and how to leverage the power of Lightroom to do all of your printing.

Even if you outsource your printing needs, knowing how to use Lightroom's Print Module will give you an advantage over using Photoshop. Come early and bring your pencils because you will be sure to take away a lot of new information.


great balls of fire

Darkroomers goes On Location in September with Poly Photo for a steel wool photo-shoot with local Steel Wool expert, Randy Miller. If you like the smell of burning steel, taking long exposures, the ocean or Scripps Pier, then this event is for you. We will be meeting up with folks from Poly Photo for sunset photos at the pier. Once the sun goes down and the stars come out (or fog rolls in), however, the wheels of steel will be rolling to the beat of the darkness. This is not an event for the feint of heart. It is a hefty walk to the pier plus burning steel wool can be hazardous to both you and your equipment.

This event takes place on Saturday, September 16th at 6:30pm. Bring a wide angle lens, tripod and remote shutter release. For safety's sake, use a UV filter to protect your lens and a hoodie to protect your head.


walk the plank

Darkroomers is once again going to be ambassadors to the city by leading a Scott Kelby Photowalk in October. The event takes place October 7th from 3-6pm. It will be a late afternoon walk in the Park--paying tribute to PhotoSecrets of Balboa Park.

We are working with Andrew Hudson to help plan the walk but we absolutely need your help!

we want a good contingent of Darkroomers to help out and be ambassadors to the park



Quarterly update

biker gang

Mars Bars by Jeff Booher

We are near the end of the quarter so get out your cameras and start looking for stuff to shoot for the upcoming quarterly competition. The theme is bikes which can be either singular (bike) or plural (bikes). Websters defines bike as a motorcycle, bicycle or motorbike--which can be any motorized 2-wheeled vehicle that can operate under its own power or assisted by a human such as a scooter or moped. It can also be a stationary bike which is, well, stationary.

leather clad bikers in interesting lighting will really make your bike stand out


The Photographers

Competition night is October 4th at 7P and we have a great documentary from National Geographic to show during the event.


club news

deal breakers

The Year End Competition Committee finalized the configuration for the 2017 Year End Competition. We will be voting on the proposed changes at the September 6th meeting.

The rules changes are mostly just to clean up and clarify the language in the rules paragraph of Section L of the Darkroomers bylaws.


We are very excited about the categories for the 2017 Year End Competition! Most of the categories remain the same but we combined all of the People categories into one People category. We also changed Seascapes to Waterscapes and split out and reconfigured the Insects and Wildlife category into Birds and Other Wildlife.

New this year is a Documentary category which encompasses Photojournalism and Street Photography. We know many of you who do more documentary style photography will enjoy this new, highly competitive category!

The December newsletter will contain dates and details about the competition as well as a full text description of what is eligible for entry into each category.

brick in the wall

Darkroomers has the foyer gallery for the month of September and we are going to showcase the club winners from the 2017 San Diego County Fair. If you had an image that won an award, got special recognition, or received a mention at the International Exhibition of Photography then bring your image to the August 30th meeting. A special bin will be set aside for you to place your photos for the exhibit.

please bring the title cards from the Fair along with your photos

Many of you had images hanging in the Foyer and Reception galleries during the month of August as The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs exhibited the works from members of all clubs who won an award or received a mention. If you would like to continue to hang a photo that was previously displayed then you should be able to take it from the exhibit as it hangs now.

We will try to accommodate all photos but priority is given to award winners then mentions and, finally, special recognition. We will hang one from each member but we may have space for additional photos depending on how many we receive.


scacc news

The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs will be hosting their bi-monthly board meeting in the Photographic Arts Building on September 5th at 7pm.

The big news from the last meeting was that Portrait Club has withdrawn from Interclub. They could not get their program off the ground in time to participate.


SCACC Color Glossy Proof

Our parent organization has agreed to move forward with a full color glossy flyer on cardstock to help improve recruiting efforts for all clubs and increase SCACC's visibility in the community.



Amanda Dalhgren

Our judge for September is Amanda Dalhgren. Amanda is a photographic artist who has always been fascinated with aesthetics and artistic expression. Amanda is an adjunct professor at Grossmont College who believes that every student, no matter their age, background, or skill level, has something valuable to contribute through photographic arts.

My mission is to challenge and inspire each student to find powerful and authentic ways to express themselves

Amanda has juried the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego Fair, she is a recurring jurist for Interclub, and she was a panel jurist at The Darkroomers 2015 Year End Competition. Amanda spends much of her free time organizing the monthly critique at Open Show San Diego.


janie says

Janie Anderson

Clear the background

The first rule of the Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer who taught me street photography was to clear the background. By that he meant that we should find a way to separate the main subject from the objects behind it or to find a way to separate the main elements from each other. I hear his voice whenever I am framing an image. Is the subject isolated? Is there a horizon running through the subject's head or a branch going through it? Is there an overlap with another main element?

It usually means taking steps right or left or moving the camera up or down


community news


Sebastião Salgado: Genesis

If you have yet to see the the Sebastião Salgado exhibit at MOPA then consider this the final call. There are some really spectacular photos hanging in the museum by the Brazilian photographer and quite a few are truly breathtaking.

The exhibit runs through the end of September. Museum members get in free. If you have a Bank of America credit or ATM card, you can get in free on September 2nd & 3rd--part of the BofA Museums on Us program. MOPA is still honoring the Pay What You Wish donation program so you can still get in for a small donation.


Defining the Personal Narrative

Join Medium Festival of Photography for one of their most sought-after workshops with photographer Susan Burnstine. This two-day workshop focuses on exploring and realizing individual narratives through the power of the still image. Using metaphor, symbolism and personal stories, participants will learn to articulate and refine their vision in any genre of the medium, whether that be landscapes, portraits, still life, nature, abstract, photojournalism, self-portrait or documentary.

Sign up early, this workshop is sure to fill up fast

$395; February 17th & 18th, 2018; Lafayette Hotel



Sky High by Jeff Booher

Celebrate the largest Tall Ship Festival on the West Coast with cosplay, The Parade of Sail, cannon battles and food vendors.

Labor Day Weekend (all-day) with the Parade of Sail on Thursday, August 31st; Maritime Museum of San Diego; $11 Adult, $9 seniors and military with ID.


Miramar Air Show

"Blue Angels over Miramar" by Michael Fairbanks

The theme for the 2017 MCAS Miramar Air Show is A Salute to Vietnam Veterans. Their service was largely under-appreciated during a time when support for the military was not that high.

these brave men and women demonstrated their character and values by donning the uniform and serving the nation they love

Enjoy exciting performances from military parachute teams and aerial demonstrations by the F-35B Lightning II, the AV-8B Harrier, the MV-22B Osprey, and an intense Marine Air-Ground Task Force demonstration.

September 22-24; Marine Corps Air Station Miramar; Parking and General Admission are Free but Preferred Seating is available for a nominal fee.



San Diego Bayfair has a long and rich tradition in Mission Bay Aquatic Park. The first race was staged in 1964 thanks to the foresight of the great Unlimited hydroplane racer Bill Muncey. The 2.5-mile racecourse, which was named after the late Bill Muncey, is the longest and fastest racecourse on the H1 Unlimited hydroplane circuit.

Over the years, more than 5 million people have enjoyed the races on Mission Bay. Bayfair has grown from just a hydroplane race in 1964 to an event that featured drag boats, international competitors, live music and aerial demonstrations.

September 15th through 17th; $20; Mission Bay (ski beach)


oceanside harbor days

Aye-Matey by Jeff Booher

Oceanside Harbor Days are two event filled days of sun, sand, and surf including a Sandcastle competition, Pirate Village, Arts & Crafts, Food and more.

September 16th & 17th; Oceanside Harbor; Free


Landlubbers Day

Avast, me hearties! In celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Seaport Village is hosting the third annual Landlubbers Day. A festive celebration of all things pirate including cosplay, mermaids and swashbuckling. Hopefully the mermaids are not doing the swashbuckling.

September 16th; 12P-4P; Seaport Village; Free




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