6 Componet Project By: Elaine catanzaro

Geography and cities

Mainland Greece is a peninsula witch is land with bodies of water on all three sides. Most of the Greeks would make a living from a sea. A lot of them became fisherman, sailors, and some traders. It impacted Greece because there mountains were rocky soil and that wasn't so good for growing crops. As a result though Greek communities became fiercely independent.

Class divisions

Every Greek city state would be ran by it's citizens. Most people would be subjects. They had no rights, they had no say in government, and no choice but to obey the rules they were given. They were different from other ancient civilizations because

usually citizens they have equal right and equal responsibility that was very different from Mesopotamia and Egypt


some kinds of Greek art are myths , drama, art, and architecture. Art impacted Greece by epics. Epic are long poems about heroic deeds. The fables would lead to bad things. It would encourage bad things hurting other people and hurting yourself.

Organized Government

Direct Democracy- they give power to the people in smaller countries

Representative Democracy- They still give power to the people but they are for bigger countries

Tyranny- A mean government or rule

Oligarchy- A small group who controls a country or other things

Some advantages for these people are that they all of have a say but also some of them don't have a lot of say. There probably wasn't as much people back then there is now so it might be harder now than it was back then

Greeks had lots of beliefs. They all thought there was more than one god. They believed in many gods, and all the gods had different roles, or a different power of something. They also believed the God's and Goddesses affected people's lives and shaped events. This is why most imposing buildings in Greek cities they were religious temples. They thought some of Gods and Goddesses could grow crops, and make the sun rise.

Writing Systems

In the Greek alphabet every letter has a symbol and it means a English sound.

what I wrote in the picture below said hello with the Greek alphabet

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