René my favorite guaguero

By: Vivian Batista Ibáñez

René is my favorite guagüero (bus driver). Born in Puerto Rico, he grew up in NYC and has lived in Binghamton, NY for more than eight years. He came one day fleeing from gentrification, and since then, he has made this city his place. Every time I ride his bus, he has unique stories for me. In a way that I can't explain, his popular wisdom always gives me peace and strengths to continue on this trip away from home.

I took this picture yesterday taking advantage of a second in which he was lost in his thoughts (he doesn't like being photographed).

With this photo, I'm starting a series called "gente mía," dedicated to all the beautiful people who have helped me to make this journey a bearable and matchless experience.

Created By
Vivian Batista Ibáñez


Vivian Batista Ibáñez

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