Triangle Factory Fire By:MarilenaPadilla

The Tragedy

On March 19,1911 the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory caught on fire. It was a very tragic day lots of women died.

Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins is a women who made the working labor laws better for both women and men. Before the fire bosses of the business would make them work over 7 hours a day, and they wouldn't even be payed the exact amount that they should be! But after the Triangle Factory Fire Frances Perkins was inspired because of these harsh labor laws, if we didn't have these laws before the fire the men and women would've got out sooner to avoid less people to die, so she decided to change that. She wanted to allow breaks and lunches in between work hours so that it would be so hard all the time. She also allowed more payment to employees so it can be fair to the people who do work an exact amount they should be.

The fire

Frances Perkins

Shirt waste blouses

In Conclusion

In Conclusion because of this day we have great labor laws because of Frances Perkins. It has made a big impact on our lives because now we have better labor laws.


Created with images by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "David Dubinsky and Frances Perkins at a banquet table" • terimakasih0 - "time clock hour" • Walking Off the Big Apple - "Site of the Triangle Fire" • Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Frances Perkins and David Dubinsky shake hands at an ILGWU meeting, 1944." • pennyspitter - "1920 blouse"

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