The Life of Lydia Boadnax in Williamsburg By Anna Miller

This is a traverse board. It is used for navigation, and the color is used to differentiate the directions. It is made out of wood, and it's used to tell the sailer where they have been sailing. Every half hour the person in charge of this tool is alerted, and and they mark what direction they were going by putting a peg in that direction. To tell when they were going that direction, they put it in chronological order from inside to out. After four hours, the data is put into a log, and another worker starts the job. The English introduced this tool when they used it to find the New World.

This outdoor exhibit is an exact replica of one of the boats that took colonists to Jamestown, called the Susan Constance. It shows the size of the boat which was very small, especially when it held 71 people. It also showed how little privacy everyone had, and no one had a bed to themselves. Many tools were used aboard, such as the traverse board. The boat is used to create a colony in the New World, and the boat did not have to be practical to allow that to happen. The years it sailed in was 1606-1607, so the technology wasn't the best. They probably made an outdoor replica of this boat, to show the points discussed previously.

The house shoes above is the house in which I work . It is officially my boss, George Withe's, home but I work here so I come here every day. I am a free black, not very high in the social ladder, so I bady need the work. The photo I have shown is the outside of my house and is what it looks like if you are walks by. The second photo is of the kitchen. This is where u spend most of my time, because I am George Withe's cook. In here, you can see a vegetable being cut, and that is a parsnip. It is being peeled with a knife. My job is to buy the food, prepare the food, and cook it. I am also the women of the house because my master's wife died. The last photo is of the food I have prepared. It is my favorite part of the house because I made it, and I feel very proud of it.

In this shop, the millinary, I noticed how hard working the employees were. Everyone did their part, and if they didn't the costumer would be unhappy, and nothing good would happen to you. I also noticed how fair everything is. If something is nice, it's expensive, and made well. It smelled like fabric and new clothing. For sale, there were many new pieces of clothing, such as gowns and tops. I, Lydia Broadnax probably would not buy anything for myself, but sense I am the women of the house, I might buy something for my boss, George Withe. To do this, I would go to the store and tell the milliner what I would want, and then I would be told when it's ready, and then I would pick it up then.

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