4A26 Christopher Silverman

my name is Christopher Silverman i came to America from sweeden. I traveled with my buddies Suzy, Martie,ella,and christian.some of my other friends did not what to come we had not that much food left so we all went hunting. we brought a lot of food back so we went to France in we found some more friends. we could not find no more friends we had enough people we had enough food and water some of the water was salt but it was OK for every one. so we traveled and traveled so we can get to America.it was miles and miles away to get to America.sense it was late everybody went to sleep after dinner.we found someone us on a boat and they said they was headed to america too.so they said can we have some food?so i said ok so they was on there way they were 3 class we were 2 class.i told everybody once we get to America after a few years we should move to California everybody said ok so after 2 more months we finally came to America.it was so nice.

the statue of liberty is a monument that stands in the newyork harbor.it was a gift to the united states from France.the statue is model after libertas. the statue wears a crown with seven rays.

*i liked the adventures they had

*i liked there boat.

*i liked the people.

sources :

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