Interview Appearance By: Naomi Thompson

Tips to for a successful interview appearance

1. Shower or bath the morning of the interview

Hudson Reed

2. Knee-length skirts are acceptable; long skirts may be modest but are considered too trendy for an interview

3. aviod wearing bright and unusal clothes

4. clothing should be neatly pressed and ironed

Classy Career Girl

5. Shoes should be conservative and low-heeled

6. Just wear deodorant not perfume to aviod being over powering or causing an allergic reaction

7. Make up should be understaded and flattery to natural skin tone

The Balance

8. Keep jewlery conservative and minimal

9. Nails should not be long or have unusual colors

10. When meeting give the interviewer a firm handshake with warm and dry hands

11. Make eye contact frequently with interview but aviod just staring into his or her eyes

12. Aviod constantly looking around the room because this portrays nerviousness

13. Sit and stand in an erect position while avioding being ramrod straight or slouching


Examples of inappropriate and appropriate dress

Inappropriate interview dress example
Appropriate interview dress example

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