Midterm Portflio KeLSEY MCGOLDRICK

Describe- This is a photograph of my friend Sammy where she has her hood up and her body shifted slightly to the side. I added a city, the women’s march and her favorite flower as a way to describe Sammy through the multi-exposure. I made Sammy black and white and had the multi-exposure be a pop of color. The background is a rough and white look and has a signature written on it.

Analyze- I think the element of color is very prevalent throughout the work, just because she is black and white so the photo shopped pictures in color really pop. The shape of Sammy and how she posed made it possible to fit the flower “in her” hood, because it actually looked like it was coming out of her hood. The principle of design element that I think is really shown through the work is contrast. The black and white and then the color contrast. The movement of the multi-exposure is fluent and smooth, it flows nicely and isn’t harsh when the pictures change. I think the overall composition works well and compliments everything nicely.

Interpret- My meaning to this piece was to show through Photoshop a hint of Sammy’s personality and what her morals are. She goes to New York every summer and wants to live up there when she is older, that is why I included Manhattan on the top of the image. She had just participated in the Women’s March on January 21st and is a passionate feminist, that is why I included the picture of the March. The flower I put in her hood is her favorite type of flower and her favorite color so I thought that has some meaning, also made the composition pop and lead the eye to the flower.

Evaluate- I believe the photo itself was well positioned so the Photoshop was more possible. Not all elements were used but the ones that were like shape and color were very powerful and prevalent throughout the piece. I believe there is a lot of emotion connected to this picture because the multi-exposure shows who Sammy is and what she believes in and where she wants to be. The contrast in black and white then the color I think makes the photo stand out.

Describe- The picture of Sean was taken through a window and made black and white. I had him look neutral maybe possibly sad. My goal was to remix one of Dorothea Lange’s photographs that she took during the depression. It was a picture of an old lady looking through a car window, also in black and white.

Analyze- I use the element value because of the difference between the white, grey and black colors. Shape is also slightly found throughout the piece, the background was much different but I had to find certain shapes in order to make the background not awkward looking. For principles of design I use repetition when it comes to the streaks in the window so the viewer would know that the photo is being taken through a window. Balance is also used because Sean is basically in the middle of the frame. I think the overall composition is decent and looks depressing which was my goal because “great depression”.

Interpret- My intention with the piece was to make it look depressing or sad. I had Sean not smile and then put it in black and white. I also tried to give the picture a sort of dirty look. The trees in the background could potentially lead a dark and mysterious feeling which gets my point across.

Evaluate- I believe this isn’t the most successful piece but I also wouldn’t say it is a failure either. The elements and principles of design are not super known but they aren’t non existent. I think there is a sense of realism to the work because it was supposed to be a remix of the great depression. I also think there is a sad emotion to this piece just because of the lack of color and facial expression.

Describe- This picture of Sean was meant to portray a remix of the movie Up. He is wearing “older” looking clothes and his hair is color replaced to grey. I had him hold out the balloons towards the camera to give a prominent 3D effect.The picture itself was very colorful.

Analyze- I think the element of design; color is very prevalent throughout the piece. I think the powerful amount of color makes the photo pop and appeals to the eye at first glance. There is also a lot of texture in the grass, his hair, clothes, the clouds look fluffy and the balloons look rubbery. A principle of design found throughout the photo is contrast, there is so many different colors that are opposite to each other and help the photo pop. the proportion of the balloons and how they are standing out give the eye a focal point in the photo.

Interpret- My full intention with this photo was to give viewers an Up. the movie kind of vibe. I wanted viewers to see the portrayal of sadness on Sean’s face as if he is missing something and for them to see that the balloons hold a deeper meaning. I also intended for it to appeal physically to the eye and be pleasing.

Evaluate- I believe that this is a very successful piece because it is very appealing and vibrant. I think that it does look realistic because the photoshop done that took away the cars and lamp post in the background look as if they were never there. There is some sort of contrast in the piece because Sean looks very sad but the vibrant colors do not show sadness. Sean is showing emotion because of the sad look on his face while he looks at the balloons which I was trying to show have sentimental value to him. The piece as a whole I think is very interesting and pleasing and makes people think deeper

Describe- The original picture is of a white boy with dark hair and light eyes looking off to the side. There is multi-exposure of another guy behind him but this guy looks more like a painting than a photo. There is a faded city in the background along with a professional basketball player shooting the b-ball in front of a graffiti wall.

Analyze- Color is a prevalent element of design that makes the piece appeal to the eye. the different colors also give it a sense of contrast which is a principle of design, the contrast in color makes some pictures more powerful than others. There is also some texture in Will's face giving the picture some clarity and realism.

Interpret- The piece was to show that the main guy; Will likes basketball. Judging by the all of the basketball multi-exposure it is clear that Luke Post was trying to convey Will's interests. Also the city might show that he enjoys the urban setting.

Evaluate- I believe that this is a very successful piece and the multi-exposure moves nicely throughout the photo and it is not harsh. The flow works very well because it doesn't look as if the photos were jut slapped on there with no care, it looks like they were placed with precision and thought. the emotion found i this photo might be his face which convey's to me that basketball and being successful in the sport is what he wants to achieve in life. The overall piece was very nice and the flow was fluent and blended nicely.

Describe- This is a photo by Luke Post that shows Carson lifted in the air. His shorts and jacket hang down. he is in front of the school around picnic tables which I imagine was what he was sitting on before it was photo shopped.

Analyze- The principle of design, texture is very apparent throughout the photo. he grass, his clothes, skin and the school all have hints of texture or feel to them that you can see. Shape is also used because shape needed to be evaluated in order to analyze the proportions of the picture in order to make it realistic. Perspective and proportion is a very important principle of design because without perspective it would be difficult to get the floating effect.

Interpret- I think the artist's intention with this photo was to make it look as if he was floating. Also to make the shadow under him look realistic to his body even though there was a table under him,

Evaluate- I believe this was a successful photo because it includes elements and principles of design to make it better. Considering that Carson was not actually floating and he was sitting on a picnic table shows that there was a sense of realism to the piece. I guess you could say there is some comedic emotion to the photo because Carson's face and pose is not serious and he is floating which is weird too. The overall photo was very interesting and appealing to look at at.

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