Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies Azusa Pacific University

The mission of the global studies program is to attract and develop an exceptional group of world learners through a unique combination of individualized mentoring, multidisciplinary coursework, intercultural fieldwork, and compassionate action. The aim is to equip students with the global knowledge, intercultural grace, practical learning skills, and moral imagination to support vocations dedicated to promoting God’s truth and justice in the world.

What is the journey of a Global Studies major?

1st stop:: Los Angeles Term (L.A. Term)

A journey into the city


In Los Angeles take public transportation and get to know the ins and outs of the city.

Intern at a local non-profit organization in L.A. and learn from community developers, organizers and local leaders about non-profit management, social justice, and community development.

Two General Education courses in L.A. Term allow students to complete Civic Engagement and Intercultural Communication general ed requirements.

Learn from peers and build an academic cohort community.

Learn from the stories of local L.A. residents and their impactful life stories and insights.

Second stop:: Global Learning Term (GLT).

After L.A Term and a semester on-campus to prepare for Global Learning Term (GLT) students have an opportunity to go abroad and live and learn for a semester to do academic research in one of three sites: Colombia, Philippines or Uganda.

Here are two Global Studies majors, studying away in Medellin, Colombia for their Global Learning Term (GLT). They conducted qualitative research, interned at local community organizations, lived with Colombian host families for 4 months, and compiled all their coursework into 3 different research portfolios. GLT's tag line is "Let the world change you." These two are lived this out and learned so much in one semester! To learn more about GLT, visit: www.apu.edu/glt

Global Studies values.... Relationships

Studying Away...allows you to learn something new and apply what you learn, immediately! Practice takes constancy and patience, as does learning a language. This is Lugandan language, spoken in Kampala, Uganda.

Global Studies values...Language Development

"..learning a language helped me better understand the culture I was in..." (Elodie Adjibly)
Global Studies student, Alex Dobbs on his Global Learning Term in Manila, Philippines.

Global Studies values....Learning from people around the world in different contexts

GLT Internships allow students to deeper cultural immersion, experience of international development in field and allows student to learn directly from the community.

"It was such a blessing to take on this project for HopeCenter Childlife during my time in Uganda. I was given the opportunity to follow the team, witness their work, capture it on film, and showcase it in this video. The team at The Hope Center impacts thousands of lives a year; and I'm so honored and grateful that I got to experience it firsthand." (Lauren Mordachini)

"We are greater than our despair. The negative aspects of humanity are not the most real and authentic; the most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering. We are best defined by the mystery that we are still here, and can still rise upwards, still create better civilizations, that we can face our raw realities and that we will survive the greater despair that the greater future might bring." (Author and Poet, Ben Okri)

...and to the ends of the earth I'll go. -Lauren Mordachini, Bachelors in Global Studies, 2017
"Global Studies gave me more than an education it actually changed me." -Tiara Rolland, Bachelors in Global Studies and Minor in Psychology, 2017

The Global Studies major is under the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences department.

Scholarship Opportunities

2 Global Studies majors were awarded the Gliman Scholarship for Fall semester 2017 GLT!

Los Angeles Term is the first off campus experience for a Global Studies major. Offering hands-on experience at internships in local non-profits in Los Angeles and being hosted by local L.A. residents, this program makes a profound connection to civic engagement, social justice and God's Kingdom. 

Global Learning Term is the second off-campus experience Global Studies majors participate in by living among nationals in one of the selected GLT locations. Colombia, Philippines or Uganda. Student's conduct research projects and partner with local non-profits to complete an internship for four months. GLT is the culmination of the Global Studies major.

For more information about the Global Studies major click the buttons above to learn further about the academic coursework and major. To inquire about the Global Studies major, contact: Dr. Richard Slimbach, rslimbach@apu.edu

Interested in learning more about L.A. Term the semester study away opportunities contact the L.A. Term and GLT Program Coordinator, Asti Altenritter. Email: aaltenritter@apu.edu

Contact Kate Kimanzi, Assistant Director in the Center for Global Learning and Engagement office about scholarship opportunities for study away semesters and information about Gilman Scholarship.

Education to Vocation

Download the Global Studies Major Brochure to learn more about APU’s pathway from education to vocation, including graduate school and career opportunities.

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