Iza Gonzalez IUF100 Section:14FB

Nature on Display

Personally the Butterfly exhibit was the most breathe taking unique concept. I love the contrast of what was and what existed with current day life forms. The living, functioning ecosystem that they have formed allows us to experience todays landscape and evolution of life from what it once appeared but , it also awakes your knowledge that there is so many life forms that exist that we have yet not indulged in or experiences that are so enriching. The exhibit although enclosed provided a vibrant and created a open , free atmosphere.What I learned from the exhibit is all the various life forms that exist and we have see them but you never imagine to see it in reality and wonder its origins. It allowed me to see the change in life and the variety of skills humans had acquire during those times. What was most enjoyable to me personally was seeing how the birds interacted in the same habitat as the butterfly and just see the function of life in its various forms.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold did by allowing me to see really how we all are united as species and become one because of how we all support one another. We all serve a purpose ,every part of us and everything around us and sometimes the most meaningless things contribute so much to our daily lives. I felt really in tone i guess with my surrounding because i don't believe we sit to admire life and just see it in motion in its beauty or actually go out and see the different beautiful forms that exist within the Earth. One main thought was that lack of knowledge i obtain and can image a large portion have of all these different forms and history and how people carried themselves. The museum allows people to interact with nature through synthetic portrayals of certain landscapes such as, mangroves or under water scene but also have a more hand on real hands on exhibit with the butterfly garden. I have always appreciate nature and life and its beauty and significance, i believe Leopold only allowed me to enhance my appreciation more.

Nature and the Human Spirit

the Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by changing our perception from what we see and know everyday to questioning what existed and be in aww with amazement and out progression and evolution as species and a plant and ecosystem. It provides various perception of history and nature provide a diverse enriching understanding of what really does and has existed on earth.It helps us better understand who we are by seeing that we have roots that go way back that who we stand today to be is in no comparison to in the past. We can appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by seeking more knowledge of it and become more connected with the earth.

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