Sharks By cobe

First Stage:450 million years ago "Acanthodian"

There is a problem. The waters have froze over, now is super cold and sharks are freezing. But not the great white. Great white sharks have what is called “counter-current heat exchange” which means sharks can carry there blood in different directions allowing efficient transfer of what is known as metabolic heat. Sharks have “heat exchanges” around its brain, stomach, and swimming muscles, allowing the shark to function well in very cold waters.

disaster 2

Oh no the shark population is decreasing!! No problem, Mother great whites retain what is called yolky, thin-shelled eggs within the body until fully developed. After a good period of time 1 year or longer the female gives birth to 5-10 ( can be as many up to 17) 3-5 feet longs pups in shallow coastal areas.

Shark history: Scientists have discovered that by counting the rings in sharks vertebrae great white sharks mature fairly late in there life. Male great whites mature at an age of 8-9 years old and 11.5-12ft in length where as female great whites mature at an age of 14-16 and 14-16ft in length


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