Printer By Luna Yamanishi

Canon PIXMA TS6060

Size: 372 x 315 x 139 mm

Colours: White and Black

Features: simple touchscreen interface ,small footprint ,printing made easy ,cloud connected ,accommodates different paper size ,flexible paper feeding ,print wirelessly

White Printer

Different size paper

Connection on any device

Wireless printing

Black Printer

Flexible paper feeding



Good Points+

I like the small size of printer. Fits perfectly on a little desk and print speeds are good for a little printer. Great printer to use for home and with the touch screen function my kids find it so easy to operate. Printing photos is a breeze. Great colours and quality is excellent.

Bad Points−

Maybe the cost of the ink cartridges could be a bit more cheaper. Must shop around for cheaper inks.

Published on: 10 February 2017

Competing products -ESPON, HP, Samsung and Brother

Price -

The Good guys - $99

Bing Lee - $99

JB HI FI - $119

Harvey Norman - $138


Canon is one of the biggest company in the world. This will be very helpful in launching new product In the world. The sponsorship and TV add in Europe is large and promoting the product. The pricing strategy will be the same all round the world. After few months it has been launched it will decrease slight price to capture bigger market share. The price varies from product to product. The product will be launched in Asia especially in US, Australia, Japan, China and India and other countries.


Canon is a will known brand for printer, camera and calculator. The logo now is vivid red colour, is familiar to people around the world.

Environmental considerations

Canon design of the products with the environment in mind. Such as minimising the energy that products use in operation. The product is using recycled materials to maximise resource efficiency. The key steps that Canon take is to achieve a balance between sustainable growth and prosperity , reducing environmental impact. The action will help to minimise climate change.

Buying your good

In different store they have different prices such as:

The Good guys - $99

Bing Lee - $99

JB HI FI - $119

Harvey Norman - $138

The Good Guys and Bing Lee is the same price and the cheapest of $99 but I purchase most of my good from The Good Guys more often then Bing Lee. The place I will purchase is The Good Guys because it is cheap and it is convenient where I live.

Advantage for Credit cards

• Points

• It is easier

• Pay buy your phone

Disadvantage for Credit cards

• They might not take the credit card you have

• Using the banks money

Advantage for Cash

• Cash can pay anywhere

• Not using the banks money

• Paying immediately

Disadvantage for Cash

• Hard because if it is a bit expensive

• Not have the cash

I will use a credit card because it is fast and easy. If you are in a rush then it will be more useful.


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