Tundra By: Grace crowe

The Tundra Biome is located along the coastal regions of the artic. The Tundra biomes are located in the northern hemisphere, Alaska, Northern Canada, Northern Europe , Greenland, and Russia. The tundra biome has long harsh winters. The summers are very shorty and mild due to high latitudes. The tundra consists of extremely cold wasteland, lots of rocks and not very much vegetation .
Plants– mosses, lichens, sedges, perennial grasses, and cushion plants
Animals- polar bears, alpine bull elk, Antarctic penguins, and artic wolves .
One example of competition is between the musk ox and the caribou. Musk ox and caribou fight over territory and also when food is tough to find they fight over grasses and sedges.
Wolves and Caribou is an example of predator to prey relationship. The artic wolf hunts/eats the caribou for energy. The caribou eats plant life to obtain energy.
Animal adaptations one way musk ox adapt to the harsh tundra environment is the growth of two layers of fur, one short and the other long. Air is trapped in the short layers fur and is warmed by body heat. The warmed air, trapped close to the body, acts as insulation from the cold.
Plant adaptations grow close together and low to the ground are some of the adaptations that plants use to survive. This growing pattern help the plant resist the effects of cold temperatures and reduce the damage caused by the impact of tiny particles of the ice and snow that are driven by the dry winds.
Temperature-: -58 Precipitation: 6-10 inches a year Landforms: Rocky Mountains Bodies of Bodies– Atlantic Ocean
Global climate change is a very big concern for the biome. The temperatures are starting to increase and studies show the temperatures will be very high in the future. Warming temperatures thaw permafrost of the biome causing plant invasions, erosion, and wildfires.
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