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This week, I researched on 3 pathways to complete before the end of the year. My first choice was Woodworking, my second modeling, and my third was 3D design. My goals for next week are to finish at least 2 assignments out of 6. I chose Woodworking because I've always been interested in making things by myself.

Week 2

Right now, I am currently working on getting the wood to work on my dollhouse. I finished the sketches this week, and turned them in. Next week I plan to begin working on my dollhouse.

Week 3

This week, I found some wood to make my dollhouse out of. I drew lines and I am going to cut them. I need approximately 9 pieces of wood for my dollhouse. The dimensions for them are either 12 x 12 inches or 12 x 24 inches. The dollhouse is going to be two stories, with a patio on the side. I don't plan to make furniture, but I do plan on painting it, if I have time. Next week I plan to finish my house.

Week 4

This week, I finished my house. I cut the wood first. Second, I painted the wood an off-white color. After that i nailed all the wood together. On Monday and Tuesday my mom and I made a rail on the patio of my dollhouse. On Saturday night, we put the boards together with nails. On Monday night we put railing on the deck part of my dollhouse. Tuesday night I repainted my dollhouse with a darker shade of brown. Friday in school I designed some doors and shutters to draw on the house.

Week 5

This week, I started 3D design. I am going to leave my dollhouse the way it is. Next week {after spring break} I will draw what I want to make.

Week 6

This week I worked on my relfection and dollhouse. Next week I plan to finish my reflection and dollhouse. The pathway I am currently on is still woodworking. I canceled my 3D pathway for now.

Week 7

This week, I turned in all my NHIs for maker. I also changed my pathway to RRU. I completed my skeches and turned those in. Next week I plan to start making my project. :) I ALSO GOT MY IPAD BACK !!!!!22!!111!1!1!!


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