Fallen Timbers TAG Grades 5 & 6

December 13, 2017

A day of creating, collaborating, and problem solving.

Students learned about living sustainably. Topics of discussion included: carbon footprint, living off the grid, hydroponics, & geothermal energy.

Their challenge: Groups of students have one acre of land. Create a vision for living sustainably. You have $150,000 to design your new living environment.

We hiked to 3 areas: the pond, the prairie, and the woods. Students needed to choose one of these venues of which to live.

Students spread out around the perimeter of an acre: about 200’ x 200’.
Hot cocoa and s’mores were a welcome treat after being outside.
Let the planning and collaborating begin. So much to consider: type of house, how to heat, what about water?
Mapping out thoughts of a new, sustainable homestead.
Pat from Gnome Games lead us in afternoon games.
Codenames: a categorical game of deductive reasoning.
Snake Oil: a game of selling products by using 2 given playing cards.
Groups of students pitched their product ideas to the staff at Fallen Timbers.
The winner: Tree Tarp—projects images on a screen.
Best part of the day? S’mores... planning on an acre... the games...the snow!
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Donell Bonetti

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