Ten Little Tenants Who is Who?

Josie O'Shaughnessy- Patricia

Patricia just wants a normal, nice party, but little does she know that this party will be anything BUT normal. She tries her best to tolerate everything and keep her cool, which is all she can do in the presence of such unique tenants.

Josie is a freshmen Acting and Speech Pathology major here at Illinois State University. This is Josie's 1st performance here at college, and she is so excited for you all to see it! Josie will be performing as Patricia, the host of this New Year's Eve party.

Hannah Spohnholtz- Sebastian

*Sobbing* Sebastian is quite the performer and dramatic; he loves to sing and perform whether people like it or not. His favorite musical is The Sound of Music and his dream roll would be that of Gentle Juliet. Sebastian's vocals can only be described as horribly confident shrouded by the echoes of tears from all roles lost.

Hannah is a Senior double majoring in Theatre Education and Acting with a minor in English. At Illinois State, she has had the honor of performing in the main stage productions Cabaret (KitKat Club Girl), Alice and Wonderland (The Mouse), and Waiora Te Ukaipo (Rongo). She is currently performing as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Abridged with the Illinois Shakespeare Festival Touring Company. Hannah would like to thank her caring family, loving boyfriend, and creative friends for their continued support. She is very excited to share her passion for characters in her performance as Sebastian.

Taylor Eaves- Jane

Jane's one and only love is physical fitness. The more out of shape others are, the more she hates them. Leading to the ongoing hate for Newman, her arch nemesis!

Taylor is an acting major and model here at Illinois State University who you may have also seen in Illinois State Night Live, ISU's annual fashion show, and films that have been made by students. She also loves music, fitness, dogs and despite her character, food! Pizza is her favorite! She plays Jane in Ten Little Tenants and couldn't be more excited about the role!

Nikki Christensen- Becca

Becca has a tragic fall from riches story. She will never learn her lesson and continue to pursue her desire for fame and fortune. Becca's desire to marry a rich movie star is only combated by her love of anything "basic" and cell phone cases. See her clash with her enemies and her ultimate melt down.

Nikki is a sophomore social work major at Illinois state university. This is Nikki's second FreeStage show. She is excited for you to see her as Becca in this original play! Nikki would like to thank her mom and dad for always supporting her and for motivating her to live out her passions. Enjoy the show!

Aaron Thomas- WalterSnoozenburg

Walter is.. Well that's about it, Walter is. Although other's opinions say he is boring. Walter would argue that he has many redeeming qualities. Like an extensive knowledge of the dictionary, as well as many fascinating hobbies.

Aaron is a senior Film Studies major working in Film Theory and Directing. Aaron is very excited to work along such a talented cast as well as a great production staff. Although Walter was a bit more difficult role, he's always excited to share stories with whoever is willing to listen.

George Peterson-Karlan- Merriwether

Mr. Bartholemew Ticklesbee Kingsbane the Fourth of Wesleton, Merriwether, is the consummate British aristocratic intellectual; that is, he believes he is "just staggering" and everyone should feel blessed that he has graced this production with his very presence - puff, puff...cough, cough.

George is a faculty member at Illinois State University and an Acting II participant working on improving his acting skills. He has appeared in productions at Heartland Theater and the ISU School of Theater and Dance. He would like to thank, as always, his lovely wife for her forbearance and patience.

Bennett Gillies- Strawberry

I do declare, Strawberry Johnson is an in your face, fine specimen of femininity. She is the Queen of the Drag scene and the center stage at any opportunity she can get. After all, she is more fabulous than you.

Bennett is a Music Ed. Major at ISU. This will be his 4th free stage show. You might recognize him from Improv Mafia or as Ja'far in Twisted the Musical. He is extremely excited to be apart of this student written comedy.

Adam J. Rebora- Glen

By day, Glen is a mild mannered and fun loving tenant. By night, he roams the streets, fighting crime as THE CAPE! ...Or at least he wishes. He may not have any real powers but he has a big heart and always wants to help, for better or for worst. Mostly for worst.

Adam J. Rebora enjoys watching movies, having deep conversations, and long walks on the beach. His other hobbies include dining at romantic restaurants, laughing, and listening to how your day went. Adam's sign is Cancer so please message him if you are a Virgo, Taurus, or Scorpio. No Libras! He looks forward to meeting you. .....Oh! And he is the actor playing Glen and is super excited to be a part of this production!

Sarah Ford- Jerry

Jerry the Janitor is not much of a people person, but he does like to people watch. His quiet, observant personality lends him an expansive imagination that keeps his life spicy.

Sarah is a junior Acting major with Communication and Spanish minors, and she is very excited to be playing Jerry the Janitor. You may recognize Jerry's mustache from ISU's production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in which Sarah played a Tragedian. She would like to thank her friends and family for being so supportive and amazing human beings.

Brian Dohse- Templeton

Templeton has been a servant of Mr. Bartholemew Ticklesbee Kingsbane the Fourth of Wesleton for his whole life. He is tired of it and this ridiculous tale he is telling. If any of you are wondering, I am very stress ridden and clinically upset that the only way I am happy, is to see Merriwether destroyed!!!

Brian is a freshman at ISU and is ecstatic to be a part of this production. He is majoring in Sociology and enjoys listening to hip hop and watching Tom and Jerry in his free time. Brian Would like to thank Chris Stevenson for giving him the opportunity to keep on acting! is a freshman at ISU and is ecstatic to be a part of this production. He is majoring in Sociology and enjoys listening to hip hop and watching Tom and Jerry in his free time. Brian Would like to thank Chris Stevenson for giving him the opportunity to keep on acting!

Sean Humphrey- Newman

Newman is the 5 time champion of the Fresno Pie Eating Championships. He is large and demands your respect. Newman loves all foods and anything dealing with food. Bring him a little slice of heaven and you may also find the key to his heart.

Sean is a senior Theatre Studies major here at ISU. He enjoys drinking coffee and watching Game of Thrones. Sean would like to thank his mother for continuing to do his laundry while he is in college.

Livvie Juhl- Mrs. Snoozenburg

Miss Snoozenburg is old, cranky, and just wants to nap in peace, but her son, Walter, makes that virtually impossible. She loves chain-smoking and isn't afraid to give people a piece of her mind.

Livvie is a junior English major and this is her first FreeStage show! She has also been in Illinois State Night Live and the Vagina Monologues. She would like to thank her family for driving way too far to see this.

Allison Pater- Stephanie Stories

Extra! Extra! That's Stephanie Stories. She is always looking for the latest gossip to write about for her newscast, and will always be fashionably early to any event. Don't be surprised if she calls you out on your pettiness, cause she does not deal with that.

Allie is a freshman acting major and this is her debut performance at ISU! She is so excited to be a part of such a wonderful cast and could not have asked for a better experience throughout this show. She wants to thank her family and friends for coming to the show and always supporting her. Enjoy the show!

Annie Burton-Matilda

Matilda is the residence cat lady of this Los Angeles Apartment Complex. She enjoys Kitty Dinner Delight and long talks with her thirty plus cats.

Annie enjoys eating apple sauce out of the garbage, having imaginary conversations with Abraham Lincoln, and long walks on the beach. She would like to thank the side walk for not leaving her in her moments of need when she trips to test the gravity of the earth.

Serena Villardita- Kenny

Kenny is quite possibly the most irritating person you will ever meet, who has a lisp so bad you can barely understand him. Be careful to not stand too close to him though, because if you do, you'll end up in his spray zone!

Serena is a freshman Acting Major at Illinois State University. She is so excited to be performing in her first show of her college career! She would like to thank the company of TLT for making it an unforgettable experience. She would also like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her. Although she hopes she doesn't have anything in common with Kenny, she's loved bringing him to life in this hilarious show.

Chris Stevenson- Director

Chris is a Theatre/History Ed major at ISU. This is his Directorial Debut and he's incredibly thankful for the Company of TLT for all their hard work, enthusiasm, and comedy gold. Chris loves movies, history, and making jokes (whether they're called for or not). Chris would like to thank the cast, production team, and advisers for all their amazing abilities to create such a memorable production!

Ethan Rickard- Co-Writer and Assistant Director

Ethan is a Theatre Studies Major at, you guessed it, Illinois State University. This play is his first work and there are many more on the way. He is incredibly thankful and happy to the cast and crew for making this such a fun experience. Ethan is playing the role of Ethan, a guys who wears a Fedora all of the time, enough said.

Makenna Lockhart- Stage Manager

Kenna is a junior directing major at ISU and has been the Stage Manager for Ten Little Tenants. She has enjoyed working on this production immensely, and has learned a lot through the process. She likes Netflix, anything sweet, and staying busy. So thank you to this production for helping with one of those things!

Special Thanks to....

  • FreeStage Board and Committee
  • Dr. Michael Vetere, Faculty Advisor
  • Thomas Russell, Fight Choreographer
  • Megan Wunglueck, Makeup and Hair
  • Tori Delaney, Props
  • Devan Rodlund, Lighting
  • Aaron J Thomas, T-shirt Coordinator and Designer
  • Gary "Bee Slayer" Alcorn

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