Wolf Peter

Did you know wolves are legendary for their howling? I'm going to persuade my parents to buy me a gray wolf because they live a long time, can learn to play video games, and have a medium sized litter.
First, a gray wolf can live a long time. It would be good because we could have a friend for a long time. We also wouldn't need to buy another wolf for awhile. He could allow us to not be sad that a pet had died.
Next, he could learn how to play video games. He could learn how to play video games because in packs, they "plan" strategies to catch their prey. He could play Super Smash Bros. N64 and other games. It's also good because we (me, Emily, and the wolf) could battle in Super Mario Brothers Wii for coins.He could be really good at beating Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.
Lastly, they have a medium sized litter. When they are 2 years old, they are considered adults. We could earn some money once they're fully grown. Since the wolf pups are small, Mom and Dad could sleep with the mom and dad wolves, while me and Emily could sleep with the young ones.
So now you know why gray wolves could be good pets because of living a long time, learning to play video games, and having a medium sized litter.


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