All of the work shown is by our second year BTEC Level 3 Creative Design for Gaming students. Each student had the freedom to create their own game concept for their Final Major Project and then produce various design aspects of those games. Some chose to focus on character design whilst others explored animation or 3D modelling.

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Aaron Wilson

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

I’m interested in being a part of the creation of video games to entertain others as they have done me for as long as I remember. I really like stylised art in video games, but it’s also amazing how realistic they can get now. I’d like to get into the game industry but I’m not yet certain what I want to specialize in since all aspects of a game are important in the making of it, I believe. Hopefully I’ll decide what I want to specialize in during university. I think game design at this college has encouraged me to learn new skills and have different perspectives on what I do. Though this BTEC course isn’t as specialised as university level courses may be, the course tutors have still managed what we learned in the art side of game design, the assigned projects, they gave me encouragement to complete work and we had time to learn what we wanted to in the area along side other skills learned in the course.

Mystic Stone - Synopsis

A long time ago a stone fell from the sky and split into many pieces which spread across the land. Those willing to train around these stones gain and improve their powers, they built shrines for the stones as if they worshipped them. Then some choose to collect the stones so that they can constantly improve their power, and gain extra abilities, others seek to destroy the stones out of fear of their power and unwillingness to use them.

There is a evil power that absorbed a stone but their un-pure heart caused them to corrupt it, giving them dark powers. Alvia, the protagonist of this game lives in this village of green elves; here they are considered the best in the village's speciality, summoning golems from the earth and nature. So, they leave to seek more power in order to protect their village and destroy the evil power.

Core aspects of the game

• Combat the evil power that threatens the village.

• Explore the world and find new stones.

• Complete tasks assigned by the people.

• Learn new magical powers and abilities.

Tom Caygill

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

For the games design industry I am most interested in the level making and creating environments. I would love to be able to be a games level designer as it would allow for me to fulfil my ideal career. Overall I believe that the course has prepared me for the next stage of learning at a higher level through its great variety of tasks and projects throughout the year for us to do and take part in. I personally loved the building projects as well as the Final Major Project. These were my favourite projects due to working on Maya and gaining experience on this software. This has prepared me for higher education as I will already have experience before I start. I also liked how having life class classes has helped with the poses and body proportion skills for my main projects.

Redux Survival - Synopsis

This is an epic adventure set throughout the remnants of earth with amazing graphical enhancements and breath-taking visuals bringing the survival of humanity to you.

Throughout a dying and decaying world, humanity struggles to survive with ever lasting change. Trying to survive using remnants of the past humanity tries to make new out of the wreckage of the old world. Take control of a retro fitted mech using the remains of abandoned vehicles as its core and explore this post-apocalyptic open world for yourself with Easter eggs and secrets set across the map for you to explore and find.

The game includes a massive customizable vehicles system set throughout the game. There's a wide range of options that you can play with to maximise your vehicle's performance.

Owen Keegan

Progressing on to Arts University Bournemouth, Animation Production BA (Hons).

As a student in games design, it's a bit ironic that I'm not really interested in games, I've only really played maybe 3 games in total and that's pretty much it. So why would I enrol in this course? Well, I’m mostly interested in animation and character design, going into this course has widened my horizons in a career in these things that I love the most. As a result, I'm going into animation for university. I’m endlessly sketching and drawing and I never really get invested in anything else but art and if I do, it's for the artwork. I guess you could say I'm an ‘art nerd’ because my whole life revolves around art (sounds a bit sad, but trust me, it’s awesome!). The tutors are more like friends who want the best for you, they really elevated my skills a whole lot and even introduced new skills and techniques. I have no regrets, this course is great.

Descendant - Synopsis

One night an ex mafia member, Dillon, with his partner Ryan in their apartment, have an unexpected visitor looking for a big sum of money. Dillon wakes up in his bed ready to fight and tries to reason with this person, but his hot temper results in him in a bloody mess and his lover, Ryan, being taken from him for ransom. After being left for dead in a pool of his own blood, bones broken and bruises all over his body, he sees a vision wherein which a mysterious being makes a deal with him to acquire a powersuit and fight against a common enemy and in return he will take back his lover. Dillon sets out on this journey and through many thugs and enemies, finds his way to his lover and his captor, ending in an epic battle.

Kacper Cybulka

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

As an aspiring game designer my main interest and hobby is creating concept art for many different characters and environments alike. When I was younger, drawing was always my inspiration along with games, to me personally games are a way to get away from daily troubles and negative thoughts as I immerse myself in different stories and scenarios. This helped me get through many hard times in the past and now my main inspiration for becoming a game designer is to try my best at creating the same types of experience for other people, children and adults alike. As I mentioned my career path as a game designer is mainly based around becoming a concept artist. The reason why I chose this particular career path is due to the work I did at college. Through my time at Wigan and Leigh college I have been able to hone and improve my drawing and analytical skills through various projects and with the help and guidance of my tutor and many of other teachers that I had pleasure of working with.

Journey: The Tale of Yggdrasil - Synopsis

Step into the boots of a brutal Viking warlord Thornee and a brave Spartan general Preicles as they set out on a journey through the realms surrounding the tree of life trying to avenge the deaths of their comrades. Travel all the way through Midgard as you try to uncover the mystery behind the betrayal of the gods and avenge those that have fallen to their wrath. With the help of Thor, the god of thunder and Hades the lord of hell, uncover the true power that resides deep within our heroes as they discover the mysteries of their bloodlines. Journey: The tale of Yggdrasil is an action packed adventure game, with beautiful and breathtaking visuals and environments and a hugely engaging story about two warriors and their difficult and challenging journey through many different and mysterious environments.

Vince Sevilleno

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

I have chosen to follow a career path in Game Design because I want to be a concept artist / illustrator, since I feel like the Game industry is lacking diversity. I want to try to get the chance of creating something new. Outside of study the games I really enjoy games with a really strong sense of narrative, my personal favourite is NieR: Automata, as it covers a profound philosophical themes. Reading these type of books helps me to learn and gain an understanding of how to keep the story entertaining whilst adding depth and meaning to the work. Whilst at I studied at Wigan & Leigh College I have learnt numerous of skills and have experimented with software I had never used before such as Maya, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Without college I think that I wouldn't have had a good experience with the new software that I hadn't tried and this allowed me to acquire new skills to make characters and some basic building models.

The Dream Path - Synopsis

The Dream Path takes place in the Victorian era dreamworld, where the two characters are forced into the role of a Hunter. The mysterious Undead Duchess tells the Hunters to eradicate the monsters in their dream and retrieve one of the Hive Mother's umbilical cords so you will be reincarnated. The Dreamworld is a place for those who have lost their lives in the real world. You follow a tale of two characters ( Friede and Gabriel) hunting monsters in this dreamland, however, they are not the only hunters in that dream there are others who are trapped. One day Gabriel encounters a girl who saved his life from imminent danger. As they got along with each other and venturing on together, they both began to slowly have feelings for each other which makes their bond even stronger. However, both must walk a different path, one wants to be reincarnated and go back to the real world and the other wants to stay in the dreamland forever. There is one solution that will reincarnate them both together but it comes with a consequence... What will you choose?

Jacquie Farr

Progressing on to Arts University Bournemouth, Animation Production BA (Hons).

I have always been interested in art and design, and as games design was an expanding industry I thought that was the smartest place to go to. If given the choice I would play games that were more relaxing and cute to wind down with at the end of a stressful day. I do like the occasional fast paced game but I can’t go near anything remotely scary. Interestingly enough, I found I could easily create things for a horror game despite not being able to play a second of one. Another thing I discovered about myself was my love for animation and creating things in Maya! 2-D and 3-D animation are both in demand, so as much as I loved video games I could still work in the video game industry as an animator, so I am going to uni for animation. I’m grateful I chose games design as it opened so many doors for me. I had so many more relevant choices than if I'd chosen any other art related course. Overall, I’ve had lots of fun in these two years even if I have been working hard; my class was so friendly and such a different environment from what I was used to in high school.

Fall From Grace - Synopsis

The aftermath of a war using new experimental nuclear weapons leaves the human race fragmented and confused. They have mutated with the surrounding creatures, for better or worse, and have forgotten what they once were. Society is re-established with the remaining population as they try to get along despite their differences. A Princess, Grace was born just as a war broke out between her kingdom and the next and was given to a small village in hopes she would survive there. She grew up not knowing where she came from, with a hunger to find that out. She runs away, embarking on a journey across the land with her childhood best friend. Can they discover what happened to the humans and prevent history from repeating itself?

Brook Kennedy

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

My name’s Brooklyn, and when I entered this course, I made the decision that I wanted to succeed. Games made up a lot of the social interactions and connections I made growing up, and I want to be able to pass on that familiar, accepting feeling to the next generation of gamers. I’m looking forward to the future, where I want to work on environment design and 3D modelling wherever my career will take me, but I know I will be happy wherever I end up, because I’ll be doing what inspires me. I’ll be going to UCLan for university, where I’ll be studying Game Design with Hons, but I won’t ever forget the time I spent at Wigan and Leigh. Being at this college helped me find where I wanted to go in life, and made me feel more accepted than any other school I've attended before.

A Scholar's Tale - Synopsis

A Scholar’s Tale follows the whirlwind adventures of a teenager growing up in a renewed, post-apocalyptic world of magic and monsters of all descriptions. Starting from the slums of Caskierra, the playable character (whose name the player decides) is already on the run; a cut-scene plays before game-play starts that depicts the character using magic, accidentally, for the first time. Attempting to bring down a magical barrier whilst in a crowd of protesters, they channelled their willpower into the rock they threw, and a blue arc sailed through the sky and penetrated the barrier, and the minds of those around them. For the first time, a magician wasn’t oppressing them – a magic user was on their side! This instigates a chain of events that changes the course of the future of Sivgris, and as the character lives through the events of modern history, some people want to bury the past.

Louie Russell

In games design, I've always been interested in the character creation and overall concept stage of creating a game as this is where you express all the different ideas you've had and here you get the chance to experiment and eventually create something new. Initially I looked into careers for games design, and becoming a concept artist was on the list, however I've turned to looking into tattoo careers and becoming a tattoo artist as this is what I've been interested in for a long time. Overall the course has been useful for learning skills in both traditional mediums and also digital, and has gave me a look into the games industry and how it really works. My experience at college has been good as they've got the facilities to allow for learning new skills in the art world which has helped me.

Everything is Nothing - Synopsis

My game, Everything is Nothing, is a future dystopian wasteland where a new society has grown from the destruction of its past people, a New World Order is pursued by a group of elitists where they want to remove all governments across the globe and become a one entity government, and strip the earth of its resources for their own personal luxury and profit. You play as two forgotten wanderers, Simon Skitters and Dusty the Divine, two people just trying to survive like everyone else. Throughout the game you will encounter many strange and bizarre people, both enemy and friend, who are just as forgotten in this society as yourself. You will learn new life lessons as you traverse throughout the broken landscape, as many life changing decisions will occur, and it only takes a few seconds to make your choice and seal your fate within this new 'Hell on Earth'.

Luke Daven

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

My name is Luke and from first entering this course I have wanted nothing more to pursue my dream of working in the games design industry. My love of games and the way they are constructed has stemmed from my childhood all the way to my adolescence. I am eager to join university and live that lifestyle, whilst keeping up with my studies in learning and creating new media, as well as constructing characters and assets that I can use in my portfolio. The end goal for me is to work at companies such as Rockstar and Ubisoft in their Canada branches. Ideally I would like to specialize in lighting or character modeling, hopefully both.

Tales of Ethelea: Born - Synopsis

Set out on a journey across the savage isles of Ethelea, search and conquest for the shattered isles home of the ancient dragons, battle alongside your companions in this epic tale of fire and claws, and witness the tale of Shanks Imperious, the long lost son of nobility and righteous air to the imperious familia. With help from old friends and new allies alike in the hope of returning the dragon prince back to his destined home, what will you find in Ethelea? Money? Praise? Honour? Respect? Or perhaps thievery and ill contempt? Choose your own destiny and decide the fates of you and your allies, find and join guilds. Become a brawling fist fighter, a silent thief, or a prideful mage, your life is yours to choose in Ethelea.

Jordan Gilmour

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

I chose to do this course as I had an interest in the process that goes into designing and developing games. The main parts that I took an interest in were the character design process as well as the concept art that went behind those designs. Through this I hope to get a job working on character design or concept art. Overall I enjoyed the course, each project that we did was fun and incorporated different areas of games design and genres into each one making them feel unique and different. Through the years of the course my art skill has improved as well as my team working skill, use of the grammar and overall imagination when it came to developing a game idea.

The Fallen War - Synopsis

In a world ravaged by war, reduced to rubble by the tyranny of the Fallen King, with the gates of hell opening, an undead warrior raises to take the mantle of "Hero". Explore fantasy landscapes ranging from a glacial ravine to a forest of ash as you journey to uncover the truth behind the King's plans, and the truth of who you are. On your journey you will encounter a vast variety of enemies and a sparse amount of allies providing you with side quests as well as hidden collectables. Venture through the world with your trusted companion by your side battling countless enemies and several bosses until the final face off against the Fallen King and his army. Unlock new abilities, weapons, armour, trinkets and talismans along the way all to aid you in the final battle.

Michael Hill

Progressing on to UCLan, Games Design BA (Hons).

Within the scope of the Games Design world, I am most interested in 3D modelling, such as building and asset creation. I also have a good level of desire to create and draw characters, which I feel is much more possible now, due to my further developed skills with drawing. Overall, within college I have had a lot of fun, I realised a lot about myself and made some amazing friends. There were times where managing the workload became especially difficult, and stress levels reached their peak, but as time went on I learned to manage this well along with the help of others.

Realm of Deceit: A Tale of Dreams and Reality - Synopsis

Imagine going to sleep in your regular world, and waking up in a completely different one. Now you don't have to imagine it, because that's what happens in this game! Falling asleep poor and waking up rich seems like a dream come true, but appearances aren't always what they seem. Explore a seemingly dream-like world, and uncover the dark truths lurking beneath the seams. Read through different books in the castle, explore the outer reaches and uncover it's mysteries. Find a way out of this perfect-seeming world, and return to the reality that belongs to you.

Matthew Perrins

Progressing on to UCLan Games Design BA (Hons).

Hi I’m Matthew an aspiring character and concept artist. When I first entered Wigan and Leigh I was in Level 2 Art and Design so I had an extra year to prepare for Games Design and that’s where it all started, my path to the dream of being a games designer. In the 3 year that I have had here at Wigan and Leigh I have met and made many new friends and a couple of them help stay on track with work through all 3 of the years (thanks Tom and Kacper). Even though my journey here at Wigan and Leigh has ended it will always be a part of me as I start my new one at Uclan, where I will be studying Games Design (Hons). I feel that the first defining moment in my life that led me to this path was nearly 13 years ago on the august the 22nd 2007 my 6th birthday the day where I got Pokémon Diamond my ever first video game, from that moment I would only play Pokémon and then when ever I caught a new Pokémon I would draw them. Now 13 years later nothing has changed and I’m glad.

Journey To The Top - Synopsis

Step into the shoes of the underdog of a world filled with extremely strong people. It’s a world which you could only find in a Shonen Jump manga. You play as Haru a weakling who gets a rude awakening to what he is and what exist in the world. Go on Haru’s journey and uncover the truth of the Demon kings’ power. In a game where time is of the essence to get stronger, learn new techniques and gain strong allies to assist you in the final battle. Live out the next 3 years of Haru’s life as you prepare for the final battle against the great Demon king.

Kieran Baggaley

Progressing on to University of Bolton, Visual Effects and Animation BSc (Hons).

I found my time at college fun and exciting. I’ve never had the opportunity to really express my love for games in education before and this was a great opportunity for me to do so. Games are a passion for me as they really help me mentally. They’ve brought me through some tough times in the past and I've adored them all my life. I mainly love fantasy games such as World of Warcraft as that game in particular lets you do and be anything you want. Being able to explore vast open worlds and there are no bounds and be able to express myself is amazing and what drives my love for games. In my time at college I've come across many hardships. I'm not great at drawing but the staff and students around me push me to do more and I feel like I've learned a lot. I’ve been able to improve my drawing skills over the years and I've also been able to work with 3D modelling which was my favourite thing to do even though it can be tedious at times. I’m hoping to get into the VFX course at Bolton University and pursue a career in VFX as it allows me to take many different roads. I’ll be focusing on creating stunning environments for people to immerse themselves in and I hope my work in the future will bring joy to others.

Mortal Rebirth: Shadows of Reckoning - Synopsis

Explore this war-torn world and witness the scars left by those who inhabit it. Follow the story of two slaves who were once noble people. Watch as they carve a new path in their lives and go against all odds to strike back at those who abandoned them. They strive to forge a new world where people can be protected and not fear for their lives against the Zoton Empire. Fight exotic creatures in this harsh fantasy world where every corner could lead to death. Lead the resistance into battle against your own home and liberate towns and villages throughout the Kingdom of Tystodor and overthrow the corrupt king.

Tom Martin

University of Bolton, Game Art BA (Hons).

Hello, my name is Tom Martin. I am a 2nd year college student interested in working in different fields within the game industry. If I ever do make it within the game industry I hope I will be working in these 3 fields: 2D animation, 3D animation and 3D world building as I am passionate about working within these job roles. I enjoy making my creations come to life. In my spare time I am a hobbyist world designer, adding props and scenery to empty maps in SFM, whilst also making my own personal maps in Maya. I have found my time in college to be one of my best experiences in my entire education. I found my classmates and tutors to be incredibly friendly and welcoming, almost all of my targets were clear and I always knew what was expected of me.

Final Surge - Synopsis

For my Final Major Project I have chosen to create a 2D pixel-art sidescroller based around avoiding obstacles and maintaining speed. The game has a simplistic plot and a simplistic art style inspired by games that would run on the SNES and the Sega Mega Drive.

In the game you control a small ship covered in a strange alien fungus, the main character is a sentient fungus who is controlling the infected ship. Your mission is to spread spores to countless planets to colonise new planets, with or without permission. As a Fungus you have no morals or standards, all you see is places to spread your spores. The moral dilemma of the game will not be directly told to the player but revealed within the backgrounds of the game, for example some of the planets you will come across will be covered in beautiful wildlife and plants, or a planet completely submerged underwater with some intelligent lifeforms.

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