To Kill a Mockingbird Different POVs Caitlyn Amsden

Scene when Scout and Jem gets attacked by Ewell. This is taking place in Jem's point of view.

Scout and I are walking home from the pageant. I thought I heard a noise from behind us. It was dark out so I wanted to make sure nobody would sneak up on us. "Scout don't move", I said "We need to make sure nobody is following us so we make it home alright." Scout looked up at me with worried eyes and asked what was going on. I told her not to worry. I did not see anything but I knew something was wrong. I started to walk forward again when someone grabbed Scout and shoved her down. I got up to try and help her but then our attacker came after me! I tussled with him while trying to tell Scout to get out of there. "Run Scout! Get out of here! Run!", I yelled. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Scout was struggling in her ham costume. I tugged loose and ran over to try and get her out of it but I failed because I got grabbed back again by the man that was attacking us. I tried to fight back some more but I don't remember anything after that.

Scene where Walter Cunningham is offered a quarter. This is from Miss Caroline's point of view.

When it was time to eat lunch, I noticed that a new student of mine named Walter did not have one.packed or money to buy lunch. I felt bad that the child had nothing to eat for the day. I wanted to do a good deed and help him out. I reached into my desk and pulled out a quarter. "Here, Walter, go buy yourself some lunch." I was confused to when Walter did not walk towards me at all to take the quarter out of my hand. In fact, he sat still and looked like he had just say a ghost and it looked like he did not know what to do. I saw him whisper to his friend, Scout I think her name is. She was rubbing me the wrong way and I hoped it would not last. But in fact, she got up and told me he was a Cunningham. I did not know what that meant or why it had any effect on this situation but obviously Walter did not take the quarter fro a reason. I was done with Scout disrespecting me and I had to set an example for the class and teach her a lesson. I called her up to my desk and whipped her 6 times on the hand with a ruler.

Scene where Walter is eating dinner at the Finch's. This is from Atticus's point of view.

I hear the door open and I call down to see if it is Jem and Scout coming in for dinner. They answered back that it was them and Scout says she has a friend with her. I come to see and meet the other child and I realize it is Mr. Cunningham's son, Walter. I introduce myself and Jem tells Calpurnia to put on another plate for Walter to eat. I invited him into my home and stated having a conversation. It was a good conversation but not one you would normally have with a child. I could tell Jem and Scout were not following at all. We talked about crops and harvesting. I felt somewhat bad for the child. Walter was talking about how he works out in the field to help out his father. He did not tell me this but I knew he did not have food on his table everyday. I could not imagine sending Scout or Jem out to work for that long without the proper nutrition or energy for the job. When Walter started t eat he did not stop, he ate so much and that did not bother me.

Scene where Jem asks Miss Maudie if Boo is still alive. This is from Miss Maudie's point of view.

Jem was accompanying me in my home and I was rocking on my rocking chair while we were talking. He brought up the subject of Mr. Arthur. Although, he would call him Boo Radley. I am not sure why but he asked if Mr. Arthur was still alive. I responded with of course he is and that I have not heard anything other than that. Jem looked confused. I knew he had another question coming. Next he asked why he never comes out. I did not know the real reason so I just asked Jem another question that would get him thinking. I asked Jem, 'If you did not want to come out of your house, wouldn't you stay in too?" Jem asked some more questions and I told him about how when Mr. Arthur was a child and how he was so nice and sweet. I am not sure why all of the town's children are scared of Mr. Arthur.

Reflection Paragraph:

What I have learned from doing this assignment is that people will experience the same moment but they will all have different perspectives of that one moment. Something might happen and one person might learn a lesson from it and others might have taught one, without any person even knowing. I think Mr. Crooke's purpose in creating this assignment was to make us understand the book more. If we can be able to take a certain scene from the book and put it in to another character's point of view than that allows us as readers to fully understand the scene and even more, the book.

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