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Animated Promotional Video for Snug

What is Snug?

Snug is an innovative app that will monitor glucose levels in diabetics throughout the night; when individuals are at their most vulnerable. The app is designed to link up with a heart rate and temperature monitor which is worn on the users wrist. The user can either choose to simply purchase the app and use it with their fitbit's, Apple Watches, Tomtom watches and etc. The user can also choose to purchase a Snug watch which would would monitor temperature and heart rate but would also be a fraction of the cost of the previous products mentioned.

Why Create Snug?

Snug was created with the purpose of assisting those who suffer with severe hypoglycaemia when sleeping. The app will monitor individuals throughout the night and ensure their safety as they sleep. Diabetes Ketoacidosis lowers morality rate by 5% ( thus endangering many who live alone and do not have others to care or monitor them. By creating this alert system it will bring comfort to many friends and family knowing their loved one is being monitored.

The Product

The Product is primarily an app that can connect to a fitbit or Apple watch, There is also the option of purchasing a Snug watch for a much cheaper option (£30.00) This then analyses data received and presents it in a simple yet stylistic manner. When blood levels drop to a low level throughout the night it will set off an alarm to wake the individual to correct their levels, failure to respond will send an emergency alert to local friends, family and GP.

Design of App
App on Vector
App Shortcut

Interactive App on Adobe XD

Kickstarter Project

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