Food & Feasts Seth Londrigan

Meals Each Day

People in the Renaissance generally have 4 meals a day. They have breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner.

"Food In Shakespeare's England" By Dr. Joan Thirsk


Types Of Silverware

They wouldn't use it most of the time, they would use their hands. When they did use silverware, they used 2 prong forks and knifes.


Foods Served

The food that is served at these parties are eggs, milk, butter, pork, beef, wheat, oats, barley rye, wild carrots, cabbage, asparagus, veggie soup, & turnips.

"Life During The Renaissance" By Patricia D. Netzley


Number Of Courses Served, Who Cooks, & How Wealthy Are The People?

There were lots of courses served. Musical Frenchman & strangers did the cooking. The people were very wealthy.

"Elizabeth England" By William W. Lace

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