Surfcity Luke Sutton & Carson Layton

"Smack Lip, get major barrel, #so pitted"

Vision Statement

We created Surf City for all of those hard core surfers that need a place to get barrel. Surf City, is the number one surfing spot in the world due to our massive waves. We try and help each surfer be the best Surfer they can be.

Membership Policy/Community Rules

1. While surfing watch out for other surfers

2. Watch out for sharks

3. Don't surf without a lifeguard on duty

4. If a shark appears run away

5. Surfing is allowed from 6 am- 11pm

6. Watch out for massive barrel

7. Don't try things way out of your comfort zone if you are a beginner

8. Don't paddle straight into the heart of the lineup

9. Don't throw your board

10. Communicate

Where is SurfCity located?

Surfcity is located right in the middle of Tahiti. This place is one of the most desired vacation destinations. On top of many things it has some of best barrel in the world. #sopitted

Hourly Scheldue

7-9am: Wake up get ready eat breakfast

10-11:30am : Chill at the house, play some video games, ball up 1on1

12:00-2:30pm: Go to the beach, hit the waves, chill on the beach.

2:30-4:30pm: Eat lunch and hang at the pool

4:30-8:30pm: Shred the Barrel

8:30pm- Until you go to bed: Whatever you want/Dinner


In Surfcity we have a democracy because we believe everyone should have a say on what we do as a government. A democracy is the most fair way to keep every citizen who lives here happy.

Persuasive Appeal

Surfing is one of the most interesting, unique , and fun sports in the world. What better place to do right in the pacific ocean at Tahiti. NO other place could offer such an amazing opportunity, to not just have some major surf but one of the prettiest islands in the world. Nothing is better than going and hitting some of the best waves in the world. Tahiti is a surfers dream place to live along with any person who loves the ocean.

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