Scott Sterling By Caden M. Vanden Bosch

Size doesn’t matter; it’s how you use it. We are building our bot because we want to win. My partner is Caden. We picked our name because it makes us laugh. Our name is Scott Sterling. The main purpose is to have fun. Also, you want to have the best video. My writing skills in this project help me get a very good grade. Scott Sterling is the best bot in the class because we have weapons, defense, and we put in hard work.

Scott Sterling is the best in the class because it has weapons. Our RC car has a ramp, that way we can back into them. The RC car also has a battering ram made out of wooden blocks and screws to stab them. Our cardboard bot has a ramp too, that way we can back into the. It has a tac wall. That way if they try to touch us, they get stabbed. Our last weapon on the cardboard bot is the 3d printed battering ram that knocked Zach’s camera off his bot. Scott Sterling clearly has the best weapons in the class.

Scott Sterling has great defense. We have a wall on our RC car. We also have one on our cardboard bot. We have a wall of tacs on our cardboard bot that way others can’t run into us. None of our tires can pop, which means we will never stop moving. This is why Scott Sterling has the best defense.

Our bot did good because we had handwork. I spent so much time on this project, it’s ridiculous. I even brought it home to work on it. I spent three hours on the bot at home. I spent about 30 minutes on the video. Our work level could have been a lot higher if my partner would have actually helped me. So, we easily had the highest work level.

Scott Sterlings accessories that helped him win are his great weapons, his awesome defense, and all his hard work. Scott is the best because of his weapons. Scott has amazing defense. The hard work put in also helped out. No matter how hard Scott Sterling gets hit, he always gets back up.

Here are our photos of our bot

Here is our video



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