My model for bringing Heritage Tourism to your Town ......Part 2 (scroll down) by H. Dean Watson Promotions, dean@ ancientfootsteps.com

Heritage Tourism Principles:

Preserve and protect resources — Plan for the preservation and protection of special places, sites and traditions that attract visitors. Foster a good preservation ethic; follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation and comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws in planning and
Focus on authenticity and quality— The contributions previous generations have made to the history and culture of the community are what make it unique and add value and appeal for visitors. Ensure accuracy and quality when sharing these contributions with visitors.
Make sites come alive with interpretation— A destination is a place with a story. Use creative methods in interpreting the stories,special cultural sites, traditions, events and personalities that make your community or region distinctive. Be inclusive by sensitively telling the story of all groups that have made contributions to your heritage.
Find the fit between community and tourism— Educate the community about heritage tourism and historic preservation. A community that values and protects its heritage will contribute to the successful development of a project with funds,volunteers and political support.
Collaborate for sustainability— Tourism demands the participation of numerous individuals and organizations. Create partnerships to broaden support and chances for success; package sites and events in the community or region into a coherent visitor experience. Cross-promote with other sites to maximize exposure and dollars
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