Infant Development Timeline By casey campbell

Infants can develop very quickly. Even in as little as 12 months!

The First Month

During the first month the baby develops a lot.

They learn how to...

  • Lift head when laying on stomach
  • Turn head from side to side from stomach
  • Knows parents voices
  • Smile :)

The Second Month

The baby starts to learn to...

  • Make sounds ex. ooh and aah
  • Watches objects that are 6" from their face
  • Responds to more voices and pitches of voices

The Third Month

During the third month the baby learns to...

  • Open and close hands
  • Bring hands together
  • When held up baby should be able to hold own head up
  • When on stomach lifts head and chest
  • Swipes at objects
The third month

The Forth Month

During the forth month the baby will learn to...

  • Support upper body with hands
  • Prefers red and blue objects
  • Able to grasp rattle
  • Puts hands in mouth
  • Able to roll from stomach to back on the ground

The Fifth Month

In the fifth month of life the baby will be able to...

  • Rocks on stomach
  • Kicks legs
  • Makes swimming motions with arms
  • Reaches out and grabs toys
  • Turns head in direction of sound
  • Knows positive speech from unpositive speech
Month 5

The Sixth Month

During the sixth month of life the baby learns to...

  • Can pass objects from one hand to he other
  • Puts objects in mouth with hand
  • Recognizes sounds from parents language
Month 6

The Seventh Month

Through the seventh month the baby learns to...

  • Roll over (both ways)
  • Sits up
  • Stands with assistance
  • Knows parents and caregivers by voices and sight
  • Can follow objects with eyes
  • Babbles
  • Grabs for objects in raking motion

The Eighth Month

During the eighth month the baby starts to...

  • Pulls self up standing
  • Bangs toys together
  • Looks at objects with full attention

The Ninth Month

Throughout the ninth month the baby learns to...

  • Use fingers to poke
  • Puts objects in containers
  • Leans forward to pick up toys
  • Notices small items
  • Associating sounds with objects

The Tenth Month

The baby starts to...

  • Crawl very well
  • Imitates new words
  • Points with index finger


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