totalitarian goverments by phife miller

“District 12 where you can starve to death in safety,” mutters Katniss Everdeen, when describing the fence around her district, that is supposedly there to keep out dangerous creatures from the woods(collins,6). This quote is an example of how totalitarian governments only care about keeping their power, and not about their people, because many of these governments allow their people to starve. the government in the Hunger games is cruel and brutal. In addition to allowing their people to starve, they force people to play in an annual fight to the death to remind people that the government is in power and not them. Both the government in the Hunger Games and present day totalitarian governments that we have studied, restrict the rights of their citizens in order to stay in power.

One way that totalitarian governments stay in power is by restricting communication with other places. one way that the government in the hunger games restricts communication is by separating the people into different districts, and by keeping the people in their districts with the fence. Katniss says, “We have so little communication with anyone outside our district”(collins,203). Similarly, Putin and the Russian government seize the Russian television system to restrict communication. they show the people what they want them to see, so they can get what they want(julia ioffe). These restrictions keep the government in power, because they have no outside influences to try and make them rebel.

Totalitarian government also restrict movement in and out of areas. In the Hunger Games they have no freedom of movement between districts. travel between districts is prohibited, because if it wasn't all of the people would join together and rebel, or they would just leave and the capitol would starve, because the districts get them there food. North Korea does not let anyone in or out. Because if they left, the government would fall(united nations office of high commintioner for republic of korea). Because the people in the remote areas provide for the government. They also restrict movement of footage from one area to another. This keeps the government in power because there are no outside influences on the people, telling them to rebel.

Totalitarian governments treat the rich with respect and hate the poor. In the hunger games the people who live in the capitol get anything they want, because they have so much money and because there not under as much control as the districts. In north Korea the government in pyongyang gets anything they want, and the people in more remote areas are marginalized(United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Republic of Korea). They are marginalised because they are poor, and because they some of them are criminals. They get treated as less than, or put down. This keeps the government in power because if you weeken the people you control they won't have enough strength to rebel.

We have studied totalitarian governments of both present day and the hunger games governments. In all three of my body paragraphs i showed how totalitarian governments stay in power, by restricting the rights of their citizens. Totalitarian governments do this by restricting communication, movement, and by separating the mass groups of people, so that they can't come together and rebel against the government.

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