4 Easy Perfect Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017

It’s that time of year again where we shower our mothers with the affection they truly deserve all year round. When you live with your mom, it’s easy to buy flowers and put them in the kitchen, or do chores around the house without complaining. And when mom is far away, sending a card and best wishes usually fits the bill. But aren’t you tired of the same Mother’s Day gifts over and over every year?

1. Have An Award Ceremony

With this activity, you can include the entire family and make everyone happy. That would truly be the best gift for our mothers anyways, right? When creating certificates, (Here is a link of free templates online) you can think of the everyday things you appreciate, as well as that extra mile she goes so often. Some ideas for awards are:

• Best Counsel

• Quickest To Text Back

• Most Delicious Lasagna

• Most Beautiful ( You always need to remind your mother how beautiful she is.)

• Most Clever (You should also appreciate how smart she is. They know everything, don’t they?)

2. DIY Memory Magnets

As you get older, the thing your mother begins to cherish the most is the time she spends with you. What better way to show her that you cherish it as well with Memory Magnets? With memory magnets, you have pictures of you, your mother, and things you both enjoy and you create small polaroid style magnets. You can even have extra fun having a Mother’s Day Photo Shoot! Here is a very easy to follow tutorial on how to make the perfect gift for your mother. Now you can go back to drawing pictures for her because she has something to hold them up on the fridge!

3. The Scavenger Hunt

Want to get mom out of the house so she can come home to it spotless? Or do you just want to run around town with her? Try a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt. Since most families are extremely competitive, you can turn it into a competition. Though, I do advise letting mom win on this one.

Set up a scavenger hunt that eventually leads to one of her favorite places. Have someone playing “Home Base” while the scavengers run around the city. It begins with a clue, such as maybe a poem describing a statue in a park your family frequents. When the scavenger takes a picture of the statue and sends it in to home base, the next riddle is released! Keep this going until she makes it to your destination.

If you don’t have the money to be driving everywhere, that’s okay too. You can make a scavenger hunt in your house, and eliminate the home base. You can insert riddles into your designated hiding spots, and have a big surprise in a room you make sure to leave out of the hunt! This is where you can go all out on flowers and balloons, and not seem too cliché.

*Pro Tip- In your riddles, you can put in a compliment. Example: The statue in the park that is smiling in the dark, but doesn’t light up the world like mommy’s white pearls. She knows it’s a smiling statue at a park, and she knows she lights up the world with her smile!

4. Personalize A Greeting Card With A Video

Greeting cards have turned into the default “I didn’t have time” or “I forgot” gift. But what if you could add a little pizazz to your card? Memorytag has cards where you can put your own picture or video into the greeting card. You read that right, video. With an easy to use smart phone app, you can record your very own video and put it in the greeting card that you love.


Whether you still live at home, or mom is far away, you want to let your mom know that you appreciate everything she has done for you and your family. There are a million different ways to say, “I love you.” And mom deserves every one of them.

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