Chapter 11 Spark Page By joey O'Leary

The cell cycle is a series of events that happen in cells when they try to duplicate. During the cell cycle the cell passes through a couple of phases that allow it to duplicate. The cell goes through two gap phases and then through a synthesis phases known as the S phase. That allows genetics to duplicate which is followed by the M phase. That is when mitosis occurs and the cell duplicates. After this it is back to the first gap phase.

Interphase is the part when the cell rests after the first mitosis division and is getting ready for the second. During interphase the cell first goes through the first gap phases. This is where organelle are copied and building blocks for later on are made. Next the cell goes through the S phase. This is where DNA and the centrosome are duplicated. Next the second gap phase occurs where the cell grows and makes proteins.

During Prophase, the cell goes through the first stage of cell division and chromosomes become visible. While this is happening the nuclear envelope begins to disappear. This is where the mitosis spindle begins to form and cell division moves on to the next stage of metaphase.

The second stage of cell division is called metaphase. In this phase the spindle fibers have been formed and chromosomes become attached to them. The chromosomes in this stage start to become condemned and coiled. The chromosomes also begin to align with each other in the middle of the cell and prepare for anaphase.

Anaphase is the stage in cell division in which the chromosomes start to move away from each other. They move to the opposite poles of the spindle during this stage. This is when the chromosomes become the most condescended and the nucleus begins to reform.

Telophase is the very last step in cell division. The two cells move to the opposite poles forming two new nuclei. This is when cell division has completed its goal and has formed two brand new daughter cells

Telomeres are actually very important parts to a chromosome. They protect the chromosomes from deteriorating or fusing with other chromosomes. They are located at the 4 ends of chromosomes.

Cancer is a disease where the body's cells keep on dividing uncontrollably. As the cell growth cannot be stopped it spread throughout the body very quickly. These cause tumors and flood the blood with abnormal cells which is why it is so harmful.

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