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MCM Publishing is a division of Monkey C Media, a full service design house specializing in author services: publishing consulting, book packaging, author websites, author platform building and personal branding for thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Are you writing a book or independently publishing?

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We are proud to announce our two latest releases:

Shaking the Tree

The Memoir Showcase is proud to present a selection of our most compelling, true stories drawn from our annual contests. These pivotal portraits speak to our diverse community and its willingness to share the most challenging, awe-inspiring moments that make up the human experience. From life-changing moments with a Maasai warrior to a wild and unexpected coming-of-age tale in a carnival, Shaking the Tree reveals moments of courage, vulnerability, humor, and honesty. The stories within these pages are breathtaking.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Permission to Roar

Too often, women question their expertise, dim their light, or don’t feel worthy of writing a book that highlights their ideas and talents. But by learning to harness your inner brilliance and organize your ideas, you can own the title, thought leader, and write that magic-filled book that can change your corner of the world. Permission to Roar is part inspiration, part practical, hands-on tools, and part kick-ass knowledge. This book will wrap its arms around you and help you to unlock the words that have been longing to be expressed.

Marni has a clear call to action: The time has come to stop shrinking and start shining. We need your voice, and we need it right now to help shape, heal, and shake up the conversation. Yes YOU, yes NOW.




Lucy Longlegs has just graduated from Spider Spill University with a degree in engineering. She settles into her new home when a pack of unruly rats take over her quiet space. Will Lucy use her engineering skills to defeat the rats, or will she be forced to find a new home? Come along with Lucy on her first adventure and find out.

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