The Deciding Game By : Julian mazzier

Good Vocab to know :

CT= Counter Terrorist

T= Terrorist

3k and 4k= 3 or 4 kills in a round

One Tap= a head shot, usually instakill

Ace= 5 kills in a round ; The Whole team

Topfragger= The best player on the team ; top of scoreboard

Fnatic= Pro CS team

Olofmiester= Pro player for Fnatic

B-hops= Bunnyhopping ; makes you move faster ; incredible difficult.

CS GO= Counter Strike Global Offensive( the game he's playing)

P90= A smg

AWP= A powerful sniper

Far down in the depths of a basement, past the empty Doritos bags and half full sports drinks, you'll find a figure. A figure strung out on Skittles and Mountain Dew. A figure that's been staring at a monitor for three weeks straight. You must think that whatever he's been doing on his computer for three weeks straight must be very important, and well it is. He's been playing CS GO.

This kid is named Tyrone. He's been in his basement for so long that the sun looks like a foreign object. Tyrone has dedicated his life to playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, or CS GO. On total record Tyrone has over 9000 hours on CS and has recently achieved the very prestigious rank of Global Elite. Global Elite is the highest rank is CS and a complete way to show you have no life at all.

CS GO is the only thing that matters to Tyrone. Tyrone dreams of being able to play pro. His favorite team is Fnatic, the team of his favorite player Olofmeister. Tyrone is inspired by these pros to one day hit flicks like KennyS. Tyrones been training his whole life and has faced many challenges, the only thing left is for him to join the big leagues.

Now Tyrone’s just queued up on Dust II. He immediately accepts the game and has started to load the map. Tyrone spawns on T side as he B-hopes from T side all the way to A doors. The pistol round begins and Tyrone gets a 4k on a B rush, but his brilliant play was followed by his whole team gets one tapped by The_Legend_27, he was hacking.

This isn't the first time that Tyrone’s played a hacker. In fact, Tyrone’s played tons of hackers. Most hackers just have walls so they can see the enemy team through walls and know where they are. These hackers were hard but not impossible to beat. Tyrone would just out aim these kinds of people. But this hacker was different. The hacker had walls and aim, so he could aim lock you as soon as you come into sight.

After five rounds of getting demolished 5-0 by the CT’s Tyrone called a timeout. At that moment he gave a pep talk that would inspire his team to keep trying and fight the hacker. The round began and Tyrone went long with han AWP. He saw The_Legend_27 barely before Tyrone’s shot reached his head. The hacker has died. This was the turning point for the T’s that won them that round.

Soon after that the T’s rushed B and sprayed down the hacked P90’s. The terrorists had took site with no casualties. After these two round wins they were determined to win the game. Tyrone continued to carry his team until 10-5. The T’s were winning.

The game progresses to 13-7, Tyrone was left alive against 3 T’s. If they won this round they would go on to win the game, it was all up to Tyrone. The terrorists rushed the site as Tyrone picked up the 3k with one taps. The CT’s gained a new hope.

After that round Tyrone saw something in chat, he saw 6 words that would make his team explode with joy. “Vote to kick The_Legend_27 by nickbunyioncute.” As soon as the vote was you could see a bot replacing the topfragger on the other team.

Tyrone played out the match winning by 16-10. He closed CS to view his steam notifications. “One new notification” it read. Tyrone opened the message. Dear Tyrone, I am happy to inform you that Fnatic would like to know if you are interested in joining the team. - sincerely Olof.

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