The Mark of Athena By Rick Riordan

Main Characters


Blonde Headed super smart girl. She's the daughter of Athena and Percy's girlfriend. More of the leader of the group.


Brown headed son of Poseidon. Annabeths boyfriend who is a great fighter and has a funny personality.


The setting is in the Argo 2 traveling around the world trying to save the world.


Annabeth, Percy, and a few friends from Camp half blood and camp Jupiter go on a quest around the world trying to find the Athena Parthenon to help save the camps from being destroyed. They get caught in a couple of places against gods that don't want them to win. And in the end Annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus.

Turning point

While the roman and Greek camps are coming to an agreement to help stop ghea from coming back from the dead, the Argo 2 attacks the camp and they have to leave and and do the quest without the help of camp Jupiter.


  • After the bombing the few romans come to help
  • After they get raid by pirates the get rid of the bad guy fiend weapons and fix the ship
  • The cost of saving the Athena Parthenon annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus


The book is one of a kind. Rico riordan comes with a whole brand new story that fun, interesting, and dangerous.


I recommend this book to anyone into mythology and adventure. You will never want to put the book down.

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