Amazons Paintball by Michael Klinger

Amazons paintball is regular paintball with a twist. It is open exclusively to women, letting girls play paintball and have fun without all those pesky boys.
Our board of directors, the amazons, hate cheaters. So, they came up with a three strike system. If you get caught three times cheating, your membership will be terminated and you will be banned from playing paintball at our facility ever again. This keeps paintball fun and free of any cheaters.
Amazons paintball is a thriving buisness right now, but we need investors to help us open up more paintball centers around the globe. Our two backers, Artemis and Ares are very generous in their donations, but we need many more investors if we want to make amazons paintball the biggest and the best around.
The amazons were inspired to create this company because of their great skill in battle, and their lawyers advised them that federal laws prohibit ending in the death of the loser. So, they created Amazons paintball.
CEO:Queen Hippolyta CFO:Otetra The Board of directors: The Amazons


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