2018 - 2019 IMPACT REPORT

On behalf of the students, alumni, and staff at UCBC, thank you for supporting transformation in Congo. The following report illustrates the impact your gifts made on their lives and the communities they serve. Thank you for joining them in writing a new story for a flourishing Congo.

Through your generous gifts to the NEXT 500 Future Leaders of Congo campaign, you provided a transformative education that not only equips these students with knowledge and skills, but nurtures a mindset that sees even the greatest challenges as opportunities to serve the common good and promote kingdom values. By investing in these courageous women and men, you encouraged them, inspired passion, and provided resources and a space so they could learn and create together solutions to the most difficult challenges of their time. Your gifts lifted the financial barriers and burdens for students and their families, providing an opportunity for every student who enrolled at UCBC to soak in the vision of a brighter future.



Jolie Sifa Kpaka ('14) has a laugh with her colleagues between classes. Jolie finished her MBA in December 2018 through Congo Initiative's Advanced Studies Program (ASP). She returned to UCBC to teach in the Economics Faculty and also serves as the ASP Coordinator.


It is important to remember that these numbers represent extraordinary young men and women committed to writing a new story in Congo. We hope the following glimpses of 2019 graduates inspire and remind you that your gift is truly an investment in passionate young leaders who desperately want to see a brighter future for their family, community, and country.


Through UCBC, I learned that . . . humility is the key to whatever you go on to do. I learned this from UCBC staff. I took this example of humility and incorporate it into my life and work today. I feel very hopeful that one day the vision of UCBC will be accomplished and I pray God uses me to expand this vision. I want to be a source of blessings to many and to use my knowledge to help all those who are in need of my service."

A graduate of the Applied Sciences Department and Computer Engineering program, Anuarite is now working as a database manager at EREST (Renewable Energy and Healthy Environment for All) in Beni.


The way I was trained at UCBC with the philosophy of ‘being transformed to transform’ motivates and inspires me to go and serve my community so that those who are traumatized can be healed. The community we had at UCBC where we shared and accompanied one another created an environmentthat transformed me and made me feel compassion for those who are suffering."

Miché graduated from the Theology department with a degree in Biblical Counseling. He now serves as a pastor at a church in Boikene, a neighborhood where many people have lost family members due to violence from rebel militias.


Through the Women's Voices mentorship program, mentors invested themselves to support and train me until I made it. Now I have influence not only in [the] UCBC community, but in the [wider] community of Beni."

Aimée Mapenzi was elected as student government president for the 2019-20 academic year. She is the first woman elected to serve in this role. Women's Voices links mentors to female students to assist in developing specific skills and knowledge to enhance their professional and personal development. In addition, the student-led group promotes women in leadership and works to promote positive masculinity in local communities.

39% of UCBC alumni are women.


Your gifts equipped students with an education that goes beyond the classroom, providing hands-on learning that serves the common good. Whether on campus or in their communities, students are trained to think critically about challenges and how to identify solutions.

UCBC students held a Congolese Culture Day during a period of political unrest to celebrate diversity and unite the community.
UCBC held a special "Open Door" Science Day, inviting members of the public to come and see some of the projects developed by UCBC Applied Science students. Two projects that stole the show were an automated hand washer and a high-capacity electric potato peeler.
UCBC student, Rosette, leads a local high school class in a learning exercise that incorporates English and education on Ebola prevention.

UCBC's Integrated Research Institute and its main project, Sharing the Land (STL), joined a consortium known as "Ensemble Pour Beni" (Together for Beni) in 2018. The consortium engages local communities and authorities around issues of land conflict, and aims to bring about solutions that lead to lasting peace. Providing technical expertise and training in Global Information Systems (GIS) and land management, STL is the only local organization in the consortium. The other member organizations are the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Interpeace, A Search for Common Ground, World Vision, and the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO).

The Sharing the Land Team
We, as the Beni community, are proud of UCBC for its technical services offered through the Integrated Research Institute. UCBC has understood the challenges of our community and is suggesting revolutionary solutions to the problem of land conflict." ~ Jean-Edmond Nyonyi Bwanakawa, Mayor of Beni


Do not be afraid to change the world, regardless of how small your action. Let's take courage, let's not lose our time to live life for what we love. Let us sow peace and love among us. Pray for us who work towards transformation so that we honor UCBC everywhere we go to rebuild, leaving the mark of our university.”

~ David Monga Wa Monga


Students stand in front of the gate to UCBC's Town Campus. Thanks to some of our key partners, we were able to launch the academic year in this safe and secure learning environment.

This past year, we faced some of the most difficult challenges since Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC) was launched in 2007. As the headlines and news stories have described, insecurity, violence, political instability, and the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history made an already challenging context even more fragile. Frequent attacks by militia groups and the Ebola outbreak have claimed over 2200 lives.

Remarkably, amidst the periodic gunfire and constant shadow of the Ebola crisis, students and staff at UCBC continued teaching, learning, and accompanying one another as they respond to old and new challenges in their communities. They never lost sight of the vision of a transformed Congo.

These hardships only brought the community closer together, fueling their resolve. As one UCBC staff member said, "This is why we are here - to be a place of hope for the people of Beni." Hope. In contrast to the stories of despair and conflict, this is the other narrative coming out of Congo and through the next generation of future leaders. A radical hope that is inspired by your faithful commitment and generous support.


We are now in our third year of the NEXT 500 campaign and because of your support, 152 more alumni are now working to create positive change in Congo. Even in a year of such uncertainty, students, alumni, staff, and YOU demonstrated incredible dedication and commitment to writing a new story in Congo. As a result, the wider community witnessed hope, inspiration, and the possibility for a brighter future in Congo. Rather than seeing a decrease in enrollment as one might expect, it increased!

Enrollment of first-year students increased by 50% from 77 students in 2018, to 155 in 2019.

As we witness the newest leaders of Congo respond with courage and care to the needs of their communities, we know we are just at the beginning. Our goal is to equip and mobilize 500 more leaders for a total of 1000 transformational women and men leading change all across Congo and beyond! Encouraged by this year's enrollment, we believe we can reach this goal by 2024. But we cannot do it without your help.

Please take a few moments to consider renewing your commitment to these UCBC students. You can do so by making a year-end gift today. We thank you in advance for your continued partnership!