Intimations On Eternity


The field of creativity has always spoken to me deeply. Earlier in my life, I spent much of my time and effort exploring the field of creativity through the visual arts. It was a medium that not only evoked great inspiration for me, but also, marked the beginning of an important journey of Self-discovery-as-Self-Awareness, that now spans over twenty five years; it continues to remain a foremost passion in my life and the work I often pursue.

Asked about my writing in particular, I would say that I write more like a painter than writer: favorite colours have become favorite words, words that appear and reappear in the same or different light, as I attempt to craft and illustrate the impulse of a silent piece of poetry that may be arising within me.

As you digest the pages of this "book", you nibble with your eyes a collage of embellished words; brushstrokes of colour-full–words that have spoken deeply to me, for me, by me - as me, over the past decade. Ironically, that very same “me” has undergone radical change: non-verbal shifts have occurred in the way I think, feel and see my life and the world around me.

The 10 year canvas of this particular "book", encompasses an extended period of my life that I could label a “dark night of the soul” or “awakening”. It was a period colonized by the juxtaposition of intense feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and despair, punctuated paradoxically by vibrant levels of personal intimacy and understanding with regards to the sense of Self, “I” experience myself to be.

As these words tease, twist and tantalize your attention, you drift towards an unnamable Self within you. Each word that becomes a line, paragraph and page, paints a narrative allowing us to revisit a period of deconstruction: a period of letting go and allowing; a period of learning through un-learning; a period of not only resisting, but also resting - in those words that reflect the birthplace of awakening.

And, as with any awakening, we have the opportunity to indulge and intoxicate ourselves in the sweet fragrance that may arise from the impulse of that awakening – cushioned by words that point, push and pull to Intimations On Eternity.

As we rest in these words, we have the opportunity to recognize and discover for ourselves, a sense of Self that lives and thrives beyond those words; beyond the “me” that we might imagine ourselves to be. With each word, we gently, slowly, surly, must curve back to rest in the timeless, nameless, Being, that we all already/always Are.

michael sean symonds May 2019

Beauty does not arise with a face of duality, its fragrance is sweetly unbound, it dances in celebration. IT - sings a song of ever-present unity.

[What’s Real]

What you think is going on - that’s not what’s going on.

What you think you understand – that’s part of the misunderstanding.

What you think you know – that’s not what you need to know.

What you think you see – that’s not what needs to be seen.

What you think needs to be heard – that’s not what needs to be said.

What you think needs to be touched – that’s not what needs to be felt.

What you seek – that’s not what needs to be found.

Hearing, tasting, touching, smelling or seeing are experienced by nobody but there’s always hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and seeing.

In the story of “the perceived” there’s duality, in the actual perceiving, there’s none.

Awareness is completely impersonal, the personal is an afterthought, the editorial commentary of a fictional self called “me”.

What remains is what’s already - always real; stay with the real, rest in the real: rest as awareness.

It’s “me” that reaches for divinity and in doing so misses the divine.

[Where Awareness Knows ItSelf]

Here/now, in the midst of the up or the so-called down, awareness alone can know itself.

Without need of thought or knowledge, without understanding or awakening, awareness can know itself.

Without merit, tenure or time, awareness can know itself here/now.

In the struggle and strife, in the joy, health and passion, awareness can know itself, here/now.

Deeply, without separation or distinction, awareness can know itself.

Without prayer or puja, in the confusion and doubt, in the anger and pain, awareness can know itself.

Freely and effortlessly, in both the knowing and the unknowing, in the bound and unbound, awareness can know itself.

In the stillness, illness and noise, in expansion and contraction, awareness alone can know itself.

Without instruction or practice, without purpose, belief or ritual, awareness can know itself.

Where awareness knows itself: in action and non-action, in violence and peace, Self is already/always Self.

[When I AM]

When I am, there is always fear, doubt, confusion, expectation and speculation; when I am not, there’s peace here/now.

When I am, life is filled with silent desperation, want, need and desire; when I’m not, perfection is the silence within.

When I am, life begs for meaning and purpose, destiny and order; when I am not, life is its own meaning, purpose, destiny and order.

When I am, life needs to be understood – there always seems to be questions about this and that; when I’m not, there’s the wisdom of awareness alone.

When I am, there’s a need for Gods and Goddesses, karma and reincarnation, past lives and futures lives; when I’m not, there’s only the Divinity – here/now.

When I am, dogma, belief, and philosophy, occupy the centre of "my" attention and the neurosis of “me”; when I’m not, here/now is enough.

When I am, mantra, mudra, yantra and tantra always come first; when I’m not, the sacred IS the wonder of Being here/now.

When I am, there is always separation – a need for salvation, integration and transformation; when I am not, there is no unity – not unity.

When I am, the unreal appears real - there appears to be choice, preference, and distinction; when I’m not, what is – is what matters.

When I am, there’s referral, deferral and dependency on external sources - a grasping for understanding; when I’m not, there’s the spontaneous simplicity of Self, Being – Being – Being only.

Let the mud settle, let the rippled waters of thought, thinking and thinker Be still; rest As Awareness.

[Drink Deeply]

How deeply do you attempt to poison the here/now of your heart by the stories you tell yourself about yourself?

How deeply do you divide the undividable fullness of Soul by the stories you entertain about others and the world you appear to live in?

How deeply do you banish the love of the beloved with slivers of notion that have nothing to do with Who You Are.

Drink deeply from ever-present awareness here/now; remain outside the seduction of all stories.

[You Are Enough]

Fundamentally you are inherently enough.

It matters not if you are a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim or Jew; you are enough.

Rich or poor, gay or straight, black, yellow, red or white; you are already enough.

With or without mantra, mudra, yantra or tantra, you are already enough.

With or without knowledge or understanding, you are always enough.

With or without practice, purpose or principle, your essential nature is already/always enough.

Without effort, favor or condition, the beloved sweetly kisses your inherent nature - just as you are, and that was, is, and will always be - more than enough.

You will live your life listening to others tell you “you are not enough” that “there’s something missing”; live life Knowing there’s nothing missing.

THAT which is, does not need to be healed or transformed, fixed or changed.

With or without tenure or merit, accreditation or belief, you are always enough.

THAT which already is, does not need to be earned or learned, practiced or perfected.

With or without philosophy or understanding, principle or purpose, you are always enough.

THAT which always is, does not need to be mastered by that which is-not.

With or without prayer, affirmation or sanctification, you are already enough.

THAT which is - is already/always given: given by no one, received by no one, needed by no one.

With or without cannon, creed or code, you are already/always enough.

Great temples and holy places; sacred ceremonies and objects D’arte; all pale in comparison to THAT which already/always inherently is.

Here by itself behind all emotion. Here by itself behind all belief. Here by itself, behind all knowledge, understanding or practice; already Here - always Aware.

[You Are The Miracle]

You are the miracle that does not recognize the miraculous-ness of the miracle.

You are the miracle that imagines there is something other than the miracle.

You are the miracle that attempts to abandon the miracle for everything that arises out of the miracle.

You are the miracle that imagines there are “other” more important or bigger miracles “out” there.

You are the miracle that imagines you need to be something, think something, know something, understand something, have something or do something – to be the miracle.

You are the miracle that grasps and fears everything that happens because of the miracle.

You are the miracle that gets distracted by possibilities that arise because of the miracle.

The miracle is real. There is nothing but the miracle. Nothing exists outside the miracle; it’s all just miracle.

Rest as the miracle. Be the miracle.

Here, now, everywhere and always, you’re already the miracle.

You are the One unspoken, unnoticed miracle. Notice the unnoticed; Be attentive to the miracle You Already/Always Are.

The architecture of peace is not physical, nor is it the absence of conflict. Peace rests beyond ancestry, nationality, lineage, descent, skin colour or sexual preference; beyond the pettiness of “I”, “me”, “mine”, “other” and world.

[What’s Here - is What Matters]

What’s here is what matters; you don’t need experience or practice, learning or unlearning, to Be yourself As-Awareness – now.

To know yourself As-Awareness, you don’t need initiation, graduation, certification or accreditation.

To know yourself As-Awareness, you don’t need time, tenure, merit or promotion.

To know yourself As-Awareness, you don’t need knowledge, perception, understanding or memory.

To know yourself As-Awareness, you don’t need mantra, mudra, yantra or tantra.

To know yourself As-Awareness, no effort or surrender, no action or agenda, no expectation, approval or improvement is needed; Grace is not needed to know the Self - you already/always Are.

As-Awareness, no puja or prayer, no risk or formulae, no skill, transformation or transaction is needed.

To know yourself As-Awareness you don’t need integration, celebration or renunciation; no magic bullet or penance, no white light or journey.

Thought cannot add to Awareness; knowledge or understanding cannot add to awareness; nothing can add to or take away from the Awareness which already is.

What’s here is what matters. What’s already given is what matters. What matters is Awareness: IT does not come and IT does not go; IT does not become.

The invisible is already/always visible, not with eyes or understanding, but awareness: here and now, everywhere and always.

Here/now, in the radical simplicity of Who I AM, there is an alive and alert field of Awareness; I will play there.

Let the mud settle, let the rippled waters of thought, thinking and thinker Be still; rest As-Awareness.


Soul is not what it knows or understands; it’s not what it hears, has or does. It’s not what it thinks or does not think; where it goes or does not go; what it says, sees, feels, hears, touches or smells.

Soul has no colour, no language and no location; it’s not what it eats or does not eat, what it wears or does not wear; what it believes or does not believe. Unmoved and unchanging, Soul has its home as here/now Self.

Above and below, in the spoken and unspoken, in the light and the dark, in the pause between in breath and out breath; in the silent space between us - Soul thrives.

In the seeing, the touching, the tasting, the smelling and hearing, Soul can be found. Soul cannot be known, but there is always Knowing. Here/Now, there can be a wisdom of understanding - a dispassionate and discriminating passion.

Here/Now, in the apparent having and doing, there can be seeing and in the stillness of seeing, where the time-bound meets the timeless; where the unmoved orchestrates the moved - you’ll find a love; a sacred love you cannot imagine or understand, but can only rest in and Be.

The myth of wholeness is the promise of a “better tomorrow”. Real freedom and wholeness do not lie in the field of change, but in the unchanging – unmoving, field of Awareness You-Are.

[With Quiet Attention]

With quiet attention, surround yourself with people who are big enough to hold tenderly the birth of any vision you carry for yourself, your life and the world you live in.

Find purpose and meaning, passion and posse in life; surround yourself with people who inspire you, mentors who will lead you, teachers, friends and lovers, who will generously and unconditionally, kindle the spark of perfection and divinity that already lies within.

Choose wisely experiences that guide you from the deepest level of Soul; risk taking journeys into the immediacy of the unknown un-affirmable, Here/Now. Affirm yourself not by thought or thinking, feeling, circumstance or conditioning but instead by an endless, steady listening; a trusting of the inner current and impulse called Now; the Ocean of this life.

This is the One life that always thrives as Here/Now Self. Consider these notions not for yourself or for others, not for God, King or Country, but because there can be no other: for there to be peace and happiness, there can be no other.

[Your Dreams Are The Way]

Your dreams are the way: every dream begins with silence, every desire – quietude. Pursue your dreams, ignite your inner flame with inspiration and passion.

Transform your own life, then the lives of others. In sharing your gifts and talents, dreams and passions, you engage change creatively; you discover more of who you already/always Are; you awaken to the wisdom of Soul.

In the gift of Soul there is magic, in the expression of desire – Song, in the solitude of heart – freedom. Let the beauty of Who You Are be expressed innocently and effortlessly in all that you do and in doing so, experience THAT innocence, express THAT excellence - while you serve humanity.

A little quietude, a little shift of attention, and there You-Already-Always-Are. Notice what normally goes unnoticed.

[Every Morning]

Every morning we wake into the miracle.

It lies not in some burning bush, some distant mountain or the parting of some seas.

The miracle lies in the touch of a hand that guides, an ear that listens, a nose that smells and a tongue that tastes.

The miracle rests with eyes that See.

[Let Seeing Happen]

In the so-called "beginning", it might feel like you have to visit home over and over - again and again, but one day soon you will wake-up; one day soon, you will realize - you never left home; you will realize that IT - never left you.

Let hearing happen - without the hear-er or heard.

Rest in tasting and smelling, without taster or tasted, smeller or smelt.

Settle into touching, without a touch-er or touched.

Abide in Seeing, without a seer or seen.

Nobody ever hears anything. Nothing is ever heard but there is always ever-present hearing.

Nobody ever tastes the sweetness of honey: there is nothing to be tasted but the sweetness of ever-present tasting.

Nobody ever smells the fragrance of a flower; a flower cannot be smelt, but there is always the fragrance of ever-present smelling.

Nobody ever touches; there is neither touch-er nor touched, but there is always the experience of ever-present touching.

Nobody ever see’s anything because there is no-thing to seen, but in life itself there is always infinite, ever-present seeing.

Where there is hearing – there is only hearing.

Where there is tasting – there is only tasting.

Where there is smelling and touching, there is only ever smelling and touching.

Where there is seeing – there is only ever-present Seeing.

In hearing, there is no heard.

In tasting, no tasted.

In smelling and touching, nothing is smelt or touched and in seeing, there is no seen.

Hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing, happen without need of mediator or mediation. Rest only as THAT Awareness.

Rest as Awareness until the idea something needs to be fixed, healed, changed or transformed is replaced by the perfection and bliss of Being Aware here/now.


Did you notice, something is here.

Something simple and silent, something awake and aware.

Something rarely noticed, something ever at hand; the timeless presence of Being - is already there.

Did you notice, something is there. Something open and empty, something fundamental and free.

Prior to words or notions, prior to beliefs or ideas, something naked and untouchable is unmistakably there.

When you were born, it was there.

When you were frightened, it was there.

When you were confused and angry, joyful or sad, it was also, always there.

Prior to philosophies of the mind, it is ceaselessly there.

Without special effort, Presence is deliberately, always there.

Beyond the sweet and sour, beyond the ebb and flow.

Beyond thought or method, beyond feeling or practice,

Presence is precisely, patiently, plainly, there.

Did you notice awareness is there, simple and silent, awake and aware.

Previously unnoticed, immediately at hand, something remarkable is choicelessly, undeniably, there.

Did you notice Awareness is there, something infinite and unbound, something ever-present and free.

Prior to words and notions, prior to beliefs and ideas, Awareness is thoughtlessly, wordlessly - obviously there.

In the midst of all happening, something is there.

Something still and silent, something spaciously aware.

Between bliss and anger, between lust and joy, something is irresistibly, unquestionably already there.

Did you notice, nothing is there!

Nothing becomes something - something becomes nothing.

Constantly clear, alert and available, something perfectly precious is spontaneously there.

Something is here that is already aware, between the “light” and the “dark”, between the “in” and the “out”. Without any search, without any effort, something is here that is already Aware.

Here by itself, behind the noise of all knowledge.

Here by itself, behind all understanding.

Here by itself, behind the spell of perception - a sense of is-ness is indescribably there, the stillness of Being - that is already aware.

Who is that You that is endlessly there, the one that watches, the one who is Aware?

Naturally quiet, innocently Aware, it’s the stainless You who is here, and surely aware.

Untouched by emotion - undivided by perception, you’re free of thought and memory, feeling and association.

Fully awake, alert, and available, it’s here by itself, the ONE that’s aware.

Without need or motive, without affirmation or care, it’s here by itself, the ONE that’s Aware.

In the midst of this Now you are Here and Aware; undoubtedly always, Here and Aware.

Rest in the fact you are Here and Aware; always Here, always Aware.

Settle in the joy you are Here and Aware, Always here - always Aware.

[In The Stillness]

In the stillness of fading moonlight,

where I feel naked and abandoned,

let me be consumed by your eyes;

let me taste you with each experience,

let the sounds and smells of your concert embrace and immerse me, as I touch this apparent thing called Life.

Your Essential nature exists Here/Now. Ever-present and effortlessly available – you are not the here/now, you are Hear/Now.

[Here Now]

Here, where awareness is already Aware, there is no awakening, but there is always the fullness of wake-full-ness.

Here, what’s here is what’s important; what’s here replaces the need for belief or philosophy, understanding or analysis.

Here, in the wake-full-ness of this now, what is - is infinitely more valuable than anything that can be. Here, outside thought, thinking and thinker, outside unity/not unity, there’s only an infinite ocean of Being.

Here, where awareness is aware, IT is a thought; here, IT is an emotion. Here, IT is joy and sadness, confusion and clarity. Here, IT is Seeing; here, IT is hearing; here, IT is touching, smelling and tasting. Here, IT is ever-present Awareness, Knowing no-thing but now.

Here, change, progression and transcendence are irrelevant. What’s relevant is what’s Here: the unchanging timelessness Knowing Now.

Here, the love of the beloved is the impulse - Now. Here, As-Awareness, there is the direct, seamless, naked, intimacy of relationship - with the beloved Now.

As-Awareness, there is no vibration or energy; there’s no creation or manifestation; there’s no perfection or imperfection and there’s no veil or journey. As-Awareness, there’s no discipline or will power; there’s no block, shadow or realization; there is no negative or positive - no heaven or hell.

Here, this is the yoga of Being; this is the yoga of Now.

Here and Now, there is no identification, dependency or referral to thought, feeling, emotion, perception, association, memory, belief, knowledge or understanding.

Here/Now - I AM. Here/Now - everything is: nothing Being something – something Being nothing.

Here/Now, there is delight in Being: with eyes there is seeing, with ears there is hearing, with nose and mouth – the fragrance of smelling and tasting can be savored.

Here, senses are overwhelmed by the fullness of Being; a divine sweetness pervades all so-called matter, all circumstance, all situations.

Life thrives fully and freely Here and Now, both in the so-called up and the so-called down.

Now, matter and not matter – don’t matter.

Here, the breath rests deeply in Being; there’s only experiencing Here.

Now, there’s no experience and there’s no experience-er.

Here, the impulse of the beloved is naked and direct: without interpretation, without understanding, without story.

Here, the gravity of silence endlessly, tirelessly, pulls what is sacred unto itself; Here, a stillness can be found in the bosom of this Awareness.

Now, the beloved endlessly, seamlessly, weaves the fabric of this life together.

Let attention fall gently Here/Now.

Drink forever the divine nectar of this water, both the sweet and the sour of this and that.

Let hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and seeing - rest as this Now; as the Divine inhabits the everyday. Let there be abandon to all notions of distinction and separation - to a “me” that always wants to be.

I AM not touched by this life and yet life touches deeply.

In the seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling - the unseen is forever seen.

Here/Now, the knower is Knowing; this is the Yoga of what is.

As hear/now Self, the unmoved and impersonal already/always dances with the moved and so-called personal.

In Being, you will see there was never becoming.

In Being, you will see there was already/always completeness.

Here and Now, you will See - there was never any arriving.

Here and Now, is where I-Awareness stand; Here and Now, I stand forever naked As-Awareness only.

Here and Now, there is Knowing - Soul: in the hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and Seeing.

The highest form of meditation is the simplest form of meditation: Rest As Awareness.

[Remain As You Are]

Prior to your idea of a spiritual nature – that’s your nature; remain as you Are.

If you are afraid or confused - remain as you already Are.

If you are rich or poor - remain as you always Are. If you are happy or sad - remain as you Are.

Though you may reach, seek and apparently find, you remain as you already/always Are.

Whether you be filled with ignorance or wisdom, piety or irreverence; whether winning or losing, you Are as you already/always Are.

In the seeking and finding; in the reaching and achieving; in the kindness and revulsion, you already/always Are.

There is peace where you are - rest as you already/always Are.

[Rest As Awareness]

Resting in thought, we cannot help but imagine we are thought.

Resting in mind, we cannot help but imagine we are so-called mind.

Resting in body, we cannot help but imagine we are the body.

Resting in world, we cannot help but imagine we are slaves to that world, a body, a mind and thought.

We spend our lives questing for love, not realizing the love we seek is the love we already/always are.

What to do?

Rest As-Awareness and let love itSelf move anything unlike itSelf.

Rest A-Awareness until all ideas about love and anything unlike love evaporate.

Rest As-Awareness until the ever-present love of the Beloved is all that is known.

Rest As-Awareness until you see the love of the Beloved is all that you already/always are here/now.

Rest As-Awareness until the idea you are a thought or mind, body or world, comes to its bitter sweet end.

Your Essential nature exists here/now; ever-present and effortlessly available – you are not in the here/now, You-Are Hear/Now.

The You-That-You-Are, arrives long before the you-you-imagine yourself to be.

[Every moment - I AM]

Every moment Here/Now - is a meditation and enquiry into I-AM.

Who I-AM is not what I’ve done or will do; it’s not what I achieve or do not achieve, gain or do not gain, know or do not know.

Who I-AM is not what I’ve learned or not learned, what I have or don’t have; so-called failure and so-called success have nothing to do with Who-I-AM.

I-AM cannot be made or un-made; it’s beyond belief or practice, beyond the thinking, the being, the having and the doing of life; it’s closer than a breath.

I-AM does not need to be remembered, practiced, discovered, improved, changed or transformed.

Who I-AM already lives and already thrives in the impulse - Here/Now: the so-called good and the so-called bad, both the up and the down are contained as I-AM.

Ignored or un-ignored, I-AM is enough; it’s already/always enough.

Notice the unnoticed or not; rest deeply in what is; I-AM will offer itself freely, without effort and without condition.

You are I-AM.


Monks spend their entire lives busy with the business of getting closer to God, foregoing the recognition She is already/always, everywhere and everything.

How naive and arrogant it is - to imagine that God can only be found in the beauty of life; she is undeniably already everywhere - in all things and simultaneously nowhere - always.

There is no place on Earth that is closer to God than where You Are Now. She IS where You Are - Now.

IT - Is - Now.

It’s only the mind, enchanted by the spell of thinking and a story called “The Mystery of Life” - that dismisses the inherent Oneness of Two-ness.

Piety and chastity are riddled with judgement; they mark the delusion of a conditioned mind that has lost itself in distinction.

Sweetness abides As-Awareness that Two is always, already - effortlessly One.

With complete abandon, wholeness eternally wraps herself around both the sweet and the sour of this life.

Wholeness – Oneness – She ness – He-ness, alludes so-called seeker, masquerading itself as everything - already.

Are you ready to step outside the prison of your own fictional conditioning?

As you visit Awareness - over and over, again and again, you will begin to realize there is no time or place when/where - you ever leave.

[The Wordless You]

The journey home is not a journey in time, space or location; it’s not a journey of knowledge or understanding, but a shift of attention from unreal to real. From the viewpoint of a separate self, spirituality looks like a path where there is coming and going, arising and subsiding, becoming or not becoming.

Spoken or unspoken, the ultimate purpose of any path is to lead to the realization there is no path, nor is there a so-called individual who travels a so-called path.

Left unexamined, the erroneous belief in separation will continue to drive impulses of thought and feeling that cause unnecessary suffering. Left unexamined, the notion of a “me” that lives and thrives in those thoughts, feelings and beliefs, will continue to create chaos and havoc were none is needed or necessary.

Shift attention from the verbal you, the One that thrives in those thoughts that lead to words and deeds you call “my life”. Shift attention to the non-verbal - wordless You - the one that arrives before all else; the one that lives beyond coming and going; the one that lives prior to the being, the saying, the having and the doing of life.

It's premature to think that the blessing lies in knowledge and understanding - it doesn't. A prize can never be found in knowledge or understanding, the portent and grace of the blessing lie in the light of direct, effortless, natural Knowing. The blessing is Awareness, an Awareness that remains unspoken; an Awareness that does not belong to the labyrinth of thought or mind, but rests in cloisters of the Heart.

When the need for knowledge and understanding is exhausted; when your faith in the intellect dries up, you can rest as the wordless. Shift attention from the verbal you to the non-verbal, wordless you; the one that already/always thrives in the midst of all circumstance.

The Wordless you is your Authentic Self, the One that is always there, prior to the arrival of thought or thinking; the One that is there prior to the apparent arrival of a so-called thinker. The Wordless you is your Essential Nature; it’s there effortlessly and unconditionally, and does not require certification, affirmation or validation by any object, other or world.

The wordless you does not refer, defer or depend upon object, other or world; it is there without the need of thought, thinking or so-called thinker. IT - is not here because of some extraordinary effort on your part: no amount of practice, understanding or expertise brings about more or less of what’s already/always the same.

Unchanged and unmoved, rest as the wordless You, before objects, other and world take hold. Rest as the wordless One, before thought or belief, feeling or dogma arise. The blessing is not in the words but the wordless, for without the wordless there could be no words. The wordless You is the One that never ever becomes two; the teaching is wordless - the teacher non-verbal.

Nirvana is extinction of the idea there is a being that is not Being. Nirvana is extinction of the idea there needs to be awareness; it's the realization - there is already/only Awareness. Rest there.

[Stewards Of The Dream]

[We] are born with a singular vision: no one else has the advantage of our experience, knowledge or perception.In the end though it’s never our own vision, but the unspoken poetry of an Ocean that speaks; it’s the voice of eternity that dwells within.

We are stewards of the dream, a dream that is a momentary glimpse and expression of the One totality. Who better to live this dream than you? Who better to contribute a sound bite of expression, to expedite the ever-present, ever-unfolding, symphony that is life?

Eternity dances Here and Now. Here and Now, the Divine endlessly takes form of the dream, the dreamer and the dreaming. We spend our lives crafting a sense of self consciously and unconsciously, moment by moment, day by day, experience by experience – judgment by judgment.

You can be self conscious or you can be conscious of Self; it’s all the same One perception, that at once results in the appearance of apparent suffering or bliss within the dream.

When the dreamer is no longer in the way of the dream; when the dreamer, dreaming and dream can be seen as One, everything is possible.

When we are deliberately and consciously aware - where awareness Knows itself, attention enlivens the field of Awareness - elevating the dreamer, the dreaming and the dream. Here, the dreamer, the dreaming and the dream become One.

Sanctified by the perfection, wholeness and Divinity of your own Being, you and IT are timelessly One. Open and empty, quiet and still, You and IT - are endlessly One.

What’s the dream and vision you have for life; who is the One with that dream and vision?

In silence - we Rest. In silence, we Rest in the wisdom of Awareness and the quietude of Being - where there is only non-verbal Knowing.

[The dance of Eternity]

The stars, the moon, the sun, all are but pale reflections compared to Eternity that rests here now in the bosom of Being.

We all sit on the cusp of eternity, secretly harbouring a latent desire to abandon ourselves to the Groove of the One and only Dance.

This body/mind appears to localise in so-called space and time; it appears as a precipitation of Eternity - dancing on the canvas of life - woven by threads of love.

We all see the world through the eyes of innocence and Eternity – even though thought may appear to step in - attempting to retract the inherent innocence We-Are, with notions of “not” and “me”.

The space of Eternity is endlessly present and ever at hand, it thrives as our essential nature - the heart of all Being. Eternity dances in the midst of all experience; we are kissed over and over by the love of the Divine as it seamlessly interfaces with all apparent activity and non-activity.

Restful Awareness fosters the memory of Eternity; it reminds you self is already always Self. There is no place Eternity begins or ends; it is the impulse of our very own Being.

The artist - like sage, seeks a taste of Eternity from their work, but they are often wrongly seduced by ideas their work or practice may provide. Knowingly or unknowingly, artist - like sage, appears to struggle; she appears to straddle two worlds - seeking reconciliation within the appearance of form and the dance of unbound eternity. Knowingly or unknowingly, artist - like sage, may miss the fact Eternity IS form and form IS Eternity; there is no question or need of reconciliation.

The artist - like sage, has the (highest) role, to take us on a pathless journey, to evoke within us, a taste of Eternity that at once informs us of the Sacred-One-Self. The artist - like sage, attempts to provoke Eternity into being - even though Being is already/always Being-Being-Being.

Both Sinner and Saint sit on the chairs of Eternity, a single “I” appears to rest at a table - nibbling on the crumbs of infinity; bingeing on entrees of love. An individual only appears to be an individual - from the viewpoint of an individual, separate self. Perception itself - is forever poised on the precipice of Eternity. And though we may appear to spend an eternity seeking truth, all too often, we miss the fact Eternity itself - is doing the seeking.

The pillars of time are time bound; look instead into the timelessness of Eternity - here and now; it is more than enough. Everything appearing on the outside – actually appears on the inside - As-Awareness; there is no “out there” - just Eternity-As-Awareness.

Eternity rests As-The-Awareness of the one who seeks, the one who attempts, the one who apparently fixes, changes, and transforms.

Rest As-Awareness until the memory of eternity returns, to swallow every thought, feeling and perception. Rest As-Awareness - until thought, thinking and thinker melt into oblivion, where the timeless communes with the timebound – already and always.

It is the face of Eternity that needs attention – not the timebound.

In the midst of all experience - notice what normally goes unnoticed. Navigate the impulse of life - with elegance and ease; a comforting haven in the midst of all experience.

Created By
Michael Sean symonds


Words & Images By Michael Sean Symonds - Copyright 2019

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