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This is to bring to notice that, India is leading in the world with number of preterm babies. As you know, they are at high risk for developmental disability and to large extent a life long problem. Presently the national program is aimed at reducing mortality and is successful to considerable extent. But this is increasing the morbidity of academic, cognitive, behavioral, social, communication and other developmental problems. In this context there is an urgent need to protect the brain at the earliest.


But in terms of developmental care there are many lacunae in the present infrastructure and some of them are

Emphasis on or reliance on post discharge intervention for supporting the development
Non individualized developmental care in NICU
No standardization or policy for developmental care
lack of documentation for developmental care
Low level evidence based practice
Lack of sufficient trained manpower
Individual component practice preferred over comprehensive management for developmental care though bundle care approach is found to be effective.

and many other


Considering all these, INDIA EBUS is developed. INDIA is an acronym for Individual Newborn Developmental Intervention Application. EBUS stands for Evidence Based and Ultra SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic solutions for Timely intervention).

To get additional information about it, you can visit.

To reduce the morbidity and improve the care of our future generation, we recommend INDIA EBUS at every NICU in India and world.


INDIA EBUS is dedicated to the highest quality of ultra early intervention delivered with trust, thoughtfulness and care.

INDIA EBUS is available on Google Play Store.

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To know more about it and training opportunities.. Please visit

Additionally, you can visit INDIA EBUS portal. For institutional subscription and training details, email us at ebusindia@gmail.com
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