Super Dogs A Good GMO

"Super dogs" are genetically modified canines that have altered mytosine genes.

A scientist in China, Professor Xiang Gao, said that these dogs were used as test subjects to see if removing the mytosine gene could help with Parkinsons disease and to help prevent muscular dystrophy. The dogs have had their mytosine gene deleted. The mytosine gene inhibits muscle growth . By deleting this gene the dogs muscle can reach abnormal sizes.

The two Beagles, pictured above, named Hercules and Tiangou had their mytosine gene removed from them resulted in bigger muscle mass than normal for their breed. This process does not harm the dog at all but improves their ability to perform strenuous activities.

Some of the ethical issues that people say this procedure has is that altering a dogs' gene is playing god by changing His creations. A con for this procedure is that it can result in overgrown embryos, which can be very painful during the birthing process. It can also it leave the dog in a state of severe unaffectiveness, so much it is unfit for life. Finally, another issue is that the more weight from the added muscle on an unaltered bone of the dog can result in bad knees later in life. Some of the positive aspects of removing the mytosine gene the dog hasmore uses, millitary and/or police organizations. Also, the dog can perform everyday activities better for example, running up the stairs or even playing with a ball or frissbie. Next, the bigger pro is that the results show that a cure to Parkinsons disease and even muscle dystrophy can be seen in the future.

Overall my opinion of GMOs is that they are fine. GMOs are created for the well bieng of all living organisms. Seedless grapes are an excellent example, they have had their seeds removed simply for the better enjoyment for humans. Some GMOs are created to make sure we have an abundance of food, some places don't have alot of food, Ethiopia for example can really benefit from GMOs. GMOs are even created to test to see if it could benefit humans from diseases.

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