Cyber Bullying By: jesse gilmore

81% of teens think it is easier to say something hurtful over a device rather then there face.

Only 1 in 10 will tell an adult or someone they trust.

Twitter is the number 1 most common place to get harassed and bullied. About 43% polled that they used twitter, 28% of them admitted to getting bullied. is the second most common place to get bullied online. Around 36% use, 26% of the users get bullied.
Facebook is number 3 most common place to get cyber bullied. 75% use Facebook, 54% of them have got bullied.

Only 28% of boys have been cyber bullied.

Girls are more likely to get cyber bullied sometime in their life. Over 41% of girls have.

65% of children are online without any parent super vision, not knowing about the cyber bullying going on.

More then 1 in 3 have been threatened over a device.

60% of people who have got bullied do not tell anyone.

Over 30,000 students stay home everyday due to bullying.

7 out of 9 end up committing suicide because of cyber bullying.

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