Sunset Behind St. Pete Beach Through Blowing Palm Trees — June 18, 2016 PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF


Robert Neff is an award winning photographer. He specializes in weather, international events, sports (Rugby, Soccer and Grand Prix), NASA, lifestyle, boats and sailing, nature, wildlife, and travel and tourism. Robert uses photography as a narrative to share his experiences.

Robert has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines. He is also a writer with a published book and articles in newspapers and journals. He is also an investigative journalist who covers transparency in government, communities and business and social issues.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Robert Neff, born in Ohio, is a contemporary artist, photographer, writer, and social advocate based in St. Petersburg, Florida,

Robert explores mixed media artwork that is based upon his photography. His contemporary art is dynamic, vibrant, and engages the senses. His approach uses various styles that may explore design studies based upon color and patterns. The work redefines photography’s boundaries.

When his photography triggers inspiration, Robert transforms the photograph. Sometimes an abstract approach is applied. Other times, Robert extract the image’s DNA, which becomes the building block to create geometric designs. This DNA building block uses nature and life’s colors, tones, and shapes to develop and grow the DNA into new art work.

When the geometric design is viewed from afar, patterns, texture, and colors create a unique work of art. As you approach, the artwork begins to reveal an underlying design where designs, textures and colors emerge. Stand directly in front and you can see the design’s detail that was previously unseen.

Robert’s geometrics have drawn comparisons to Vasarely and the Op Art movement. One collector from Uruguay said Robert’s style followed "Constructivism" similar to the great Uruguay artist, Garcia.

Since Robert Neff’s mixed media artwork is based upon his travel and tourism, nature, event, and wildlife photography, this enhances the meaning of the artwork.

Robert is an accomplished writer, poet and award-winning photographer. His latest book is titled, Interview with the Pelican. His photography and storytelling are the inspiration and basis for his fine art. The three mediums complement each other, while standing on their own.

Copyright ©2016 Robert Neff. All Rights Reserved.

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Robert Neff
Copyright ©2016 Robert Neff. All Rights Reserved.

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