Religion in Higher Education

When discussing diversity within higher education institutions, very rarely does religion become part of the conversation. Obviously, religion is a factor of diversity amongst a university population. However, there are many institutions that are religiously affiliated that people are unaware of. For instance, most of the Ivy League Schools are affiliated with a Christian denomination. Through Christianity is the most predominant religion in the United States, what efforts are institutions putting forward to acknowledge students with different religious backgrounds?

The 2003 UCLA Spiritual Development study, proved that most students shared a high degree in spiritual interest and involvement. This study also pointed out that most students depend on their selected college institution to further their spiritual development. However, in studying various institutions, it does not seem that many schools have spiritual programs, worship spaces, or common housing for other religions outside of the Christian domination. Very rarely, does an institution have accommodations for students of the Muslim, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.

Mayhew & Bryant (2013) research proves that the relationship of campus climate and the institution's commitment to religion is dependent on the religious views of the students. In my opinion, I guess this is suitable for the students that already attend the school. However, many institutions are creating strategic plans and goals with diversity as a priority. That said, if school are trying to target other diverse populations to contribute to the diversity of the institution, shouldn't there be diverse opportunities, programs, support systems, and activities for various demographics, to attract them to the institution?

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