Shakira Celimar and andreya


She is from colombia . Shakira homanitarian and advocacy work is focused on universal education and childhood development particulary the health nutrition and stimulation of children who are not yet in school .Shakira has a three part stratesy which include foundations dedicated to development aducasy in colombia. she dedicated to take up the social deuty of improving education , nutrition and health. the organization consists in programs to increase quality of life of these vulnerable families which will later determine their groth and dewelopment in society.

Shakira identifies with the 8 world history themas is many way. themes such as power and authority, religion and etical system ,revolution interaction whit envorment , economics , culture interaction empire building and science and tecnology. She has focus on giving a better cuality education and childhood devolpement for those Latin American people. She has worked with organization like unicef,alas, choc children's, Global Campains for Education Habitat for humanity, live earth Pies descalzos and other. Shakira also manesed to open 8 school for under privilege kids and provide water and a better living Enviorment for those under privilege families in order to Create a Normal and better Childhood development to these children.

In life , to earn your place you have to fight for it. No matter how big the ideas, or how vast the project, everything stars the same way with one small moment.


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