Vacation To Mykonos, Greece! Created ad Budgeted By: Presley Pullen

Who I am Bringing: I am Taking MY mother with me. I think this will be a very nice getaway for her and we will have a lot of fun!
Here is a map of Greece and where Mykonos is located.
Passport: My mother already has a passport, but i will have to purchase one for this trip. It will cost me $140.00. Flight: We are flying through delta airlines and our round trip flight will cost $3,593.32 for the two of us. Our total flight time is 40 hours and 30 minutes for both trips. We will be in Main Cabin. We will leave for Mykonos at 9:29 A.M. on June 9th and arrive in athens at 10:00 a.m. on June 10th. The times are the same for the trip home.
Activities: My mother and i will be attending the Aegean maritime museum and the archaeological museum of delos, which are both located in mykonos. Both of the museums are free and we will also be going on a sea safari boat trip through gO DIve! The sea safari boat trip will cost $450.00 and we will be exploring the sea of mykonos. We will also be riding the blue star ferry from athens to mykonos. The ferry costs $42.46 for each trip, so a total of $84.92. We will bring an extra $200.00 for souvenir money.
Rental Car: My mother will be driving a Suzuki Swift. It will cost a total of $206.31 for JUne 10th - June 18th. We will pick it up at the athens airport at 10:00 a.m. on June 10th. we will return it to the athens airport at 9:30 a.m. on JUne 18th.
LOdging: We will be staying at the corfus hotel in mykonos, Greece. It will cost $144 per night and a total of $1,152. We will be staying June 10th-June 17th at the Corfus Hotel.
Food: It will cost $200.00 for food, for the two of us. We are going to bring an additional $150.00 for tips and snacks. There will be a total of 20 meals that we will have to pay for, per person. Averaging around $5.00 per meal, with a complimentary breakfast.
GRand Total: Passport: $140.00 - Flight: $3,593.32 - Rental Car: $206.31 - Food: $350.00 - Lodging: $1,152.00 - Activities: $734.92. A total of $6,320.55!
Thank You For watching!! I hope this might have persuaeded you to visit mykonos!


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