Fear Of Presenting My Personal Narrative

School makes me feel annoyed and overwhelmed. It makes me feel like this because there's too much work and sometimes two tests or assignments during the same week from classes that have to be finished in two days. What I do when I feel this way is either I play video games or play basketball. Going from elementary to middle school was hard for me. It was okay during sixth grade but seventh and eighth grade grew harder because I was given work or projects all the time and little time to complete them. The heavy workload is stressful since there is little time to complete it. The effect is that I just push it aside.

My least favorite assignment is to present in front of the class. My fear of presenting is that just going up by myself and having to talk to peers and all the students all looking at me it. This Bothers me because it makes me nervous. I know I have to present to get a grade on the project I have to do.

During school in ela class we had a presentation project to work on and it was slow and hard thinking of a prompt to choose but I knew I had to do the project. The process of the project is slow at first but then it was understandable and was easy. At first my teacher that helped me had asked me “do you have something written down”. When she asked me that I just sat there and didn't say anything. But then she started to help me get started by making starter questions written as comments and it was more understanding another thing she helped to do is make me think of what to talk about and topics.

How I got over this conflict is talking to a teacher and getting used to talking to someone. What i started writing about is personal sacrifice and getting used to talking and presenting by talking to the teacher that helped me with getting started. What i have to sacrifice is having to go up and present.

Personal Sacrifice is hard for me because it's annoying that work or projects are given with such little time to complete or work on it. Also the other work at home or on the weekend that makes it hard.It's hard to keep up with work from school and home.

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