Ethereal you do you

Because being able to express who you are gives you a better quality of life.

Here in Ethereal we have a few simple rules like no judging because we want to keep this a comfortable place for you. here are our rules in Ethereal, No rude or hurtful comments of any kind, express your self to the fullest, your not aloud in other peoples houses without there permission, take your gosse pills every morning before work or school, have a family dinner every night, visit your parents once every week, start working and driving by age 16, tell your family every morning something that you are grateful for, and log 12 hours of swimming every 2 weeks. We have found that by keeping and doing these rules it not only makes our community better but us as individuals. This community can help you physically and mentally by following these few simple rules. Gosse pills are very small simple pills they just manage your anger and rudeness towards people.

You are welcome to come and join Ethereal anytime we are located in Turks and Caicos a very sunny and happy place.

A day in the life of someone living in Ethereal would look like this:

MORNING: wake up, tell family what your grateful for, eat breakfast, take gosse pill, go to work or school.

AFTER WORK/SCHOOL: lunch, swim, do any activity of your desire.

NIGHT TIME: family dinner, activity of choice, bed time.

our community seal

In Ethereal you can expect a Oligarchy government, elders are elected into the Oligarchy group by other elders and adults in the community. The oligarchy group is made up of 7 members. There are 7 different members so that everyones opinions can be heard in the makings of desicions

Ethereal is a safe place to come enjoy life by being who you are. You can always feel safe here in a home with no one judging you. Come join our community at Ethereal for a better way of life, physically and mentally. Live in Ethereal so you can do you.

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